The Food Allergy Handbook

The Food Allergy Handbook has the Tools You Need to Feel In Control of Your Food Allergies and Special Diets.

Food Allergy Handbook

Here is just some of what is in this Must-Have Handbook:

  • *The Master Guide to Substitutions for your Allergens
  • *30+ Tips and Tricks to Baking for Food Allergies and Special Diets
  • *The Essential Guide to Everything You Need To Know About Cross-Contamination
  • *The Best Strategies to Handle Those Food-Centered Social Gatherings
  • *A Grocery List of 75+ Items, Free of the Top 8 Allergens, that you should carry with you every time you shop
  • *75+ Allergy-Friendly Lunchbox and Snack Ideas
  • *15+ Simple Allergy-Friendly Recipes for any Social Gatherings
  • *Crucial Guide to Eating Out With Food Allergies
  • *Most important steps to Heal Your Gut, Boost your Immune System, and Leave You Feeling Healthier Than Ever
  • *20+ Must-Know Resources, Tips, and Tools for Sending Your Food Allergic Child to School

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Food Allergy Handbook

AND Get the Food Allergy Entertaining/Party Kit

Food Alelrgy Handbook and Entertaining kit from the Allergy Free Food Coach

The only kit of it’s kind that will make entertaining with food allergies fun.

  • *3 different sets of Designer Recipe Cards – 10 of each one
  • *3 different sets of Designer Entertaining Cards to use at Potlucks, School Functions, Parties, and Holiday Events that tell what allergens the dish is free of and the importance of avoiding cross-contamination by not mixing up serving utensils-10 of each one.
  • *The Allergen Grocery-Shopping Cheat Cards to keep with you at all times
  • *A Grocery List of 75+ Allergy Free Items (Free of the Top 8) to keep with you for all of your Shopping Trips
  • *Chef Cards to take with you every time you eat at a restaurant so that the chef knows exactly how to keep you safe
  • *3 Designer Notepads for your Shopping Lists
  • *1-Dozen Designer Cupcake Toppers to show off which of your baking creations are Allergy-Friendly

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Food Allergy Handbook

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Food Allergy Handbook

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