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What Scares You Most About Sending Your Food Allergic Kids to School?

Sending Food Allergic Kids to School

Well…school is officially back in session for our crew…and many of you are already, or soon will be, following suit as well.

And I know, based on the emails and calls I have been getting, and my own initial feelings this year, that this is the time that parents of children with food allergies start to have mini panic attacks.

So many questions. So many things to worry about.

What will I do about all of those food centered activities?

How can I make sure that my child is not exposed to another child’s food?

What can I do to make sure the teachers and administrators are totally aware?

How can I make sure they are equipped to handle a reaction?

These are just a few thoughts that have run through my head over the years, and definitely what many of you have been emailing me about.

This is such an amazing community and you have previously shared some of your biggest concerns and challenges that you have faced about what it is like living life with food allergies and special diets in your families…

You have shared your Deepest Darkest Secrets. You have shared What Your Poisons (aka Your Food Allergies) are.

Now I would love for you to share your concerns and fears about sending your food allergic children off to school this year in the comments below.

Soon I will post some good coping tools and a game-plan to prevent you from having those mini anxiety attacks, but first I would like to hear what some of your biggest worries actually are. And hopefully, with some of the strategies and planning that I’ll share, you can feel a bit more confident as you send those kiddos out the door this year!

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