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International Food Blogger Conference-2010!

International Food Blogger Conference

I am here. The International Food Blogger Conference. Otherwise known, amid the food-blogging world, as IFBC (throw a hashtag in front of it if you are Twitter-talking).

So, what is this conference I speak of?  I fully intended to give you that answer before I even boarded the plane to Seattle.  But life happens. So the post did not.

Let me give you a little run down.

This Conference is Co-hosted by and Zephyr Adventures.

It is centered around the evolving world of food-blogging, where , according to Foodista’s website, “leading bloggers, authors, editors, publishers, and technologists all in one conference focused on food, writing, technology, and the fusion of all three” come together.  There is an abundance of great wine and food (yes, I listed the wine first – I am here without children…or husband), all prepared from a group of top chefs.

The conference is being streamed live from Foodista, so I will not go into the details.  You can check the agenda for all that is in store.  And if you are on Twitter, there has been a live Twitter stream (with the #IFBC hashtag) that has been nothing short of comedic.  As the tweets get funnier, you can hear the ripple of laughter spread throughout the room.

So yes.  I am here.  And I did not imagine it would turn in to what it has.  I never thought that I would be amidst the likes of the very bloggers that I have looked up to for years.  But, alas, I sitting among them. This blogroll, to me, has the same reminiscence of a celebrity who’s-who list. You can obviously tell what world I live in.

I am in heaven. This has exceeded expectations.

A meet-up at the Flying Apron Bakery (am entirely Vegan and Gluten-Free bakery) was a wonderful chance to nosh on some of the allergen-safe baked goods while laughing it up with the gluten-free crew.

The Fying Apron Gluten Free Bakery

The Gluten-Free Meet Up At The Flying Apron Bakery

Then an evening reception at the Hotel Monaco lent to some wonderful food and alcohol from great sponsors such as POM Wonderful, Modernist CuisineRodney Strong, Jordan Winery, Theo Chocolate, Tonnino Tuna, and Wisconsin Cheese (along with so many others). And yes. I definitely enjoyed the POM Wonderful martinis.  Of course, on our way to bed, we had to take a quick peek into a late-night party at Seattle’s Purple Cafe, hosted by Urbanspoon.

The sessions have been held at the Theo Chocolate Factory, one of the main event sponsors.  There has been no lack of chocolate indulging. We have been treated to an endless array of their delectable organic, fair-trade, bean-to-bar chocolates. The most unusual flavor, to me, is the Spicy Chili.  The most addicting flavor is the Burnt Sugar confection.

There is something that I will be able to take away from each of the sessions.  I will not give the fine-tuned details of each, but I can assure you that I will be applying the techniques and tips discussed in each to my blog in different ways.  I hope it will only create a better experience for you, my wonderful readers.

The sessions included in the conference:

The Art of Recipe Writing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Building Traffic and Social Media
Food Writing with All Five Senses
Law & Ethics in Blogging
Pitch to Publish
Digital Food Photography

Food Blogger Conference IFBC

Gluten Free at IFBC

And then …. an event to behold.  Shauna and Danny Ahern, of the Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef, are hosting a lunch for our little group with dietary restrictions.  Each dish will come from their soon-to-be-released love-story of a cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: A Love Story with 100 Tempting Recipes.  This meal deserves a post all of it’s own.  This meal deserves accolades that go beyond words. So that it will get.  Tomorrow…

And of course, the pièce de résistance.  Sur la Table, another Premier Sponsor of IFBC, created the most amazing goodie bags for all of the attendees this year.  I will not go on and on about the incredible swag.  But I will tell you that it was nothing short of amazing.  This collection of some of the most awesome kitchen gadgets actually deserves (and entirely needs) a suitcase of it’s own.  So mine is getting just that, in the way of a UPS shipping box.

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