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What I Have NOT Been Doing

Cool Summer Treats

I have not been in the kitchen much lately. I have been in and out as quickly as possible, whipping up some simple, fresh meals..and that is just about it.

It’s just too darn hot to do much else right now…I will spare you our gruesome weather reports…

So I thought I would just share a bit of what we have been doing and what we have been eating to stay cool to beat the heat.

We have spent our last couple of weeks at the beach in Oceanside, CA, like we do every year for the Fourth of July.

We have a long-standing tradition that better not be ending anytime soon…This is all these kids have really ever known of the Fourth of July since birth.

They have been spending their summers together since they were born…

…playing on the beach, romping from one condo to the next, thinking of skits to put on for us parents and grandparents, making up games, selling snow cones, roasting marshmallows, looking for stingrays in the tide, boogie boarding for hours, getting on the evening news (more on that later), and just simply having the freedom and care-free energy that their childhood summers should be about while making memories they will never forget.

Summer Treats to Beat the Heat

Gluten free Cherry Chocolate Chip Muffins

And because my lucky youngest just happens to have a birthday that falls within days of the Fourth, he gets to have a ginormous celebration with all of our family and friends that are living at the beach at this time too…

Allergy Friendly Treats

This year he planned out his entire birthday goings-on all by himself…the central part of his agenda involved spending the day out on the beach and catching lots and lots of waves on his boogie board…

Let’s just say he got his wish.  

Allergy Friendly summer treats

I think I have fish for children. They are as comfortable in the ocean (and the pool) as they are on land. They obviously take after their father. You may remember me mentioning his love of the ocean and surfing in this post.

Oh. I also forgot to mention that this was my son’s 5th birthday.  And apparently ALL of the cool things happen when you turn 5.

He has already claimed that this is his best year ever (despite the fact we are only a week into it). He says his feet and hands are ginormous now and declares he needs new shoes. According to his own measurements, he has also grown so many inches overnight that our measuring tape can’t keep up with him. And now he says that he is too big for naps or early bedtimes. YIKES!

And remember that stint about getting on the evening news that I mentioned earlier?

They were doing a news story about all of the jellyfish and stingray stings that happened over the Fourth of July. And because our group of kids just happen to have an uncanny knack for catching these critters, the news team decided to do a story with them that aired on the evening news. Cool, huh?

I suppose I could tell you that newly 5-year-old that I mentioned earlier was fully interviewed by that newscaster.

Let’s just say my sweet boy’s part never made it on air due to some unforeseen potty humor that somehow was deemed as necessary by my son during his first potential moment of fame. Now I KNOW he gets that from his father.

Anyway…since we have been busy doing nothing…we have been eating simply and trying to stay cool while doing it…

Dairy-Free Coconut Caramel Bananas

Here are some of our favorite summer Allergy-Friendly Treats to try and beat the heat right now:

Raw Mini Banana-Berry Pudding Pies

Mini Gluten Free and Dairy Free Plum Crumbles

Chocolate Covered Banana “Cake” Pops – Sans the Cake

Easy Sweet and Salty Chocolate Bites

Granola Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Watermelon Strawberry Slushies

Dairy-Free Coconut Caramel Bananas over Ice Cream

And one of our favorite summer muffin treats are these Gluten-free Dairy-free Cherry Chocolate Chip Muffins. You can go over and check out my recipe for them today on The Balanced Platter.

I truly hope that you have all had an amazing summer so far. Some new recipes are on their way and a few fun surprises will be coming soon. But for now, tell me below how you are all holding up in the heat and staying busy this summer…I truly love hearing from all of you!





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