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Tell Me Your Deepest Darkest Secrets…

Living with food allergies

Okay…before you think I am talking 50-Shades-Of-Grey-type secrets, I will tell you now that I am going for something far more G-rated here…

I am changing it up a little today. Life has brought me a lot on a plate right now, some happy and some sad. So…I have not really had the time lately to tinker with recipe creations in the kitchen and then come here to share them with you.

So today, I would love to turn the tables a bit. I want you to have a chance to tell me your deepest darkest concerns, fears, worries, or triumphs about your life (or your child’s…or your spouse’s) with food allergies, Celiac Disease, or special diets in general.

Knowing what worries you most, my loyal Cook It Allergy Free community, will help me to continue in the best direction of giving you the recipes, the support, the information, and the stories that you want and that will benefit you the most.

So….if you feel so inclined to share what is like for your family living with food allergies and special diets, I would love to hear your voice.

Is the sadness that you see in your child’s face when he does not get to eat that fluorescent colored birthday cake at his best friend’s party perhaps the most difficult part for you?

Or is it that looking for recipes that your whole family can eat (and like) leaves you feeling like a short-order cook and dreading meal times?

Or is it that you feel excluded from events because of what you can and, more often, what you cannot eat?

Or does entertaining the thought of sending your child off to a school that is potentially teeming with their food allergens make you want to throw up a little in your mouth?

Or possibly, just possibly, have you discovered some joys and blessings in this journey that you would like to share with this community and give others some inspiration and hope?

Whatever it is, if you feel comfortable in doing so, I would be honored if you leave me a comment here explaining a little (or big) piece of your journey.  Trust me. I will totally be taking mental notes here and listening carefully to what you each share here.  

Each of our journeys are different…but yet so alike.

And maybe this will just help you to see how many others are on this same path.

Living with food allergies



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