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Do You Want to Eat Like A Dinosaur? This Giveaway Is Your Chance!

Eat Like A Dinosaur

I think this cute guy inherited his mother’s love of cookbook reading.

The other day, waiting for us on our doorstep, was our copy of the new cookbook Eat Like A Dinosaur, by the Paleo Parents, Matt and Stacy.

My oldest son, who had been anticipating the book’s arrival, was so excited that he never even took off his jacket or put away his lunchbox. He just tore open the package and plopped his tiny little behind down at the counter and read the entire book cover to cover.

Paleo Parents

After my son skipped over the “Boring Chapter for Parents” (the book calls it this, not me), he read the actual Eat Like A Dinosaur story out loud to his little brother. And then he read it again.

After that, he started pouring through recipes. This book has over 100 kid-approved recipes and projects that are free of grains, dairy, and legumes.

I think he had our entire menu planned for the next two weeks on that first afternoon.

We have had a blast cooking our way through the book…everything that we have made together has been a hit and has received a big two-thumbs-up each time.

So far, we have cooked up the following meals (all done with the help of my boys):

  • Banana Chocolate Chip Bread
  • Mini Egg Pizzas
  • Maple Chicken Salad
  • Fool’s Gold (aka Chicken Nuggets)
  • Bacon Burgers
  • Ten Tomato Ketchup (to use up our tomatoes from the garden and to satiate my youngest son’s abnormal affection for this condiment)
  • Apple Bacon slaw
  • Grain-free Granola
  • Apple Rings and Cinnamon Apple Tidbits (thanks to my husband’s new dehydrating obsession and his purchase of the Excalibur 9-tray Dehydrator)

We have all loved everything that we have made so far. My son still has a number of recipes he wants to try, but I thought I better let you all know now how much we are already enjoying this book!

(note: I do have pictures of many of the dishes, but am experiencing an issue with my photo uploader – I will update our photos once it is remedied)

Some fun facts to note about this book:

  • 288 pages – more than recipes, includes a “how to” chapter for parents and “projects” to get the family spending time together
  • illustrated kids story aims to get kids excited and thinking positively about embracing food changes
  • over 100 recipes and projects which are grain-, dairy-, legume- and refined sugar-free, but not lacking in flavor or fun!
  • all recipes have full color, bright, fun layout with corresponding photo – enticing to kids
  • allergy-friendly book has top 8 allergens on each page and easy index in the back
  • written & photographed by normal suburban family who turned their health around with switching to a “real foods” diet (lost over 200lbs, kids no longer have asthma, eczema, allergies, behavioral issues, etc.)
  • All recipes are Paleo, but it’s not a paleo specific book – it’s for all kinds of families with a wide range of food habits – including those with allergies, WAPF, GFCF or simply trying to eat better

Eat Like A Dinosaur receives 8 thumbs up in our house…since all four of us love it!!



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Two winners will be chosen at random on Tuesday, April 17th at 7:00 am Pacific Time. Winners will be contacted via email then. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.


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