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My Adoption of a Gluten-Free Blogger: The Sensitive Pantry

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Fresh Figs and Goat Cheese

Fresh Figs with Rosemary Garlic Goat Cheese

“Figs and Goat Cheese sitting in a tree,  k-i-s-s-i-n-g.  First comes honey, then comes rosemary, then comes these appetizers, fit to make you teary”

Yes. I just used figs and goat cheese in a nursery rhyme.  And yes. My kids think I am fun and silly for singing that out loud.  And yes.  My husband thinks I am a total dork for doing so.  Side with my kids or my husband….it does not matter. My feelings will not be hurt.

I am proud to say that I think figs and goat cheese are a perfect pairing.  I seek them out together on menus.  I make fig jam so that I can come up with my own concoctions combining the two. In fact, I have recently perfected a gluten-free bruschetta with fig jam, goat cheese, prosciutto, and a slight drizzle of honey.  So when I see a recipe for any of these ingredients together, I feel compelled to work some magic with this mysterious fruit.

Therefore, when Nancy, of The Sensitive Pantry, posted her recipe for Honeyed Figs with Roasted Rosemary and Goat Cheese, my figgy radar went off and I knew I had to make these.  I had already adopted her for this month’s installment of Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger. This event was started by Sea, of Book of Yum, and is being hosted this month by someone who holds a special place in my heart – Shirley, of gfe-Gluten Free Easily.

I already knew I was going to be whipping up Nancy’s cinnamon-sugar Doughnut Muffins (Gluten-Free and Vegan).  But, since my favorite idea of a meal is a bunch of little appetizers finished off by a scrumptious dessert, I figured these beautiful bundles of figs and goat cheese would fit the “starter” bill perfectly.

Gluten Free Fig and Goat Cheese Appetizer

I was absolutely right. But, no surprise there, right honey?

These are unbelievable.  I am officially adapting my much asked for bruschetta recipe to include some of the steps from Nancy’s recipe.  These are unbelievably simple to put together.  But they will impress. Yes. They will impress, for sure.

The magic in these is the lemon and honey drizzle that you pour over the figs right before placing them on the grill.  The caramelization that results…. simply heavenly.  Then top them off with some goat cheese chevre that has been mixed with roasted rosemary and roasted garlic.  Holy cow (or better yet, “Holy Goat”)!  Just perfect.

And for a quick and easy adaption to turn these into a dairy-free version … just caramelize the figs on the grill with the honey lemon mixture, then, omitting the goat cheese, wrap a thin slice of prosciutto around them and either throw them back on the grill for a moment or under the broiler just until the edges of the prosciutto start to crisp up slightly.  Another fabulous way to enjoy the wonders of the fig…

Okay, let’s get to these Doughnut Muffins that I mentioned before…

Vegan Doughnut Muffins

Recently, Nancy attended The Big Summer Potluck, a food-blogging gathering hosted by the Anderson clan (of Three Many Cooks) in PA.   Because she and Jeanne (of Four Chickens) were the only two gluten free foodies at the event, there were some goodies that they were not able to partake in.   One dish, in particular, made by Jen (of How to: Simplify) received rave accolades.  As Nancy wrote, “These made the crowd go wild. Wild. The room was abuzz (yes, I said abuzz) about these muffins. And, all I was able to do is look at them adoringly from afar.”

So..clever Nancy went straight home and put her gluten-free and vegan prowess to work.  She came up with this amazing replica.  They are gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free (however, if you do not have to worry about eggs or milk, she gives you the right measurements of each of those to add to the recipe instead of the alternative ingredients).

This recipe is so easy and quick.  It also gave me the perfect opportunity to use my new fun Pretty Pansy Cupcake/Muffin pan.  However, in a house of all boys (including the dog), nothing, I repeat, nothing, should be called “Pretty Pansy” (except for me, of course).  So, this pan has been bequeathed a new title by the males in my household: “Polyglot Plastihead Pan” (apparently this is some sort of Star Wars slang).

Fancy pan, or not, these babies are darn tootin’ good!  They taste exactly like a cake doughnut. My kids were literally clamoring at my feet for more.  My husband ate one, gave a muffled “Oh my goodness!!” then immediately reached for two more.

Gluten-Free Doughnuts

Gluten-Free and Vegan Cinnamon Doughnut Muffins

They are moist, cake-like, and decadent.  They practically melt in your mouth.  And really, how could they not?  As soon as they come out of the oven, while still hot, you dip them in melted butter (or melted Vegan Earth Balance) and then roll them in cinnamon and sugar.

Nancy hit this one out of the park. I dare you to stop at one.  That, my friends, is my challenge to you today.

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