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Let’s Go Surfing Now…Everybody’s Learning How…

Let's Go Surfing Now

Well these two are at least…

Based on my inactivity online lately, you would think I have been very very busy…

But really, the things I have been doing make me feel like I have not been really busy at all.

One of those things that I have been doing is watching my boys learn how to surf.

This is the moment they have been waiting for. Dad has finally declared them to be strong enough swimmers and good enough boogie-boarders that they can now hang ten with the Big Kahoona himself.

Dad FINALLY has his surfing buddies that he has been waiting for since the birth of our first son.

In all honesty, I am surprised he has been so patient over these last eight years.

Of course, I suppose it should have been no surprise that both boys popped right up on their boards and are now completely hooked. They have both been begging to hit the waves now…like every other second.

Here is my hotshot big guy…I wonder sometimes if he is part fish. I even told him this. He looked at me like I was crazy and simply told me he is so comfortable in the ocean because he respects it. Sheesh, Mom!

Everybody's gone surfing

And then, of course, my newly five year old baby was not about to let his big brother show him up…he hopped on that thing and had people on the beach doing a double take to see such a little guy catching waves.

Let's Go Surfing Now

So…I am having fun watching all of my boys spend their day out in the ocean on the “big boards” now.

They are just growing up way too quickly. Just a couple of summers ago, I was writing about how Dad was taking our oldest out on his inaugural boogie-board ride, and how baby brother was so sad he was not yet big enough. And now look at them!

Sniff. Sniff. Time is flying by too fast.

Next week I will be back with my regularly scheduled programming here at Cook It Allergy Free. I have recipes, giveaways, and other fun surprises planned.

But until then?

I will be busy trying to keep these growing boys fed so that they have enough energy to catch that next perfect wave...

I miss you all but will see you very shortly…school is about to start up again and my youngest will now be starting Kindergarten. This means I am going to have a lot of time on my hands soon.

I have a feeling you are all going to start to get sick of me…

Until then, I just hope you are enjoying the heck out of your summer! Kowabunga, Dudes! 😉


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