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What’s Your Poison?

Food Allergy Symptoms

Okay. I admit it. Maybe that is just a little dramatic.

My family has always said that I was a bit of a drama queen from very early on…

Symptoms of Food Allergies


But really, by “poison” I mean..

the food or foods that you are allergic or sensitive to?

Because after all, these very foods can actually act like a poison to our precious bodies.

I would love for you to share what your exact food allergies or sensitivities might be. I know some of you are dairy-free, some of you are gluten-free, some are egg-free, some are nut-free, some are corn or soy-free, and some are a combination of all of these and more.

I make most all of my recipes so that they are easily customized to be allergy-friendly and safe for as many as possible….but I am also interested in learning more about you and your specific dietary restrictions.

So are you Gluten-free OR Dairy-free OR Egg-free OR Nut-free OR Corn-free OR Soy-free OR OR OR…. a combination of all of those, or are there other allergies or sensitivities you may be dealing with?

Why do I want to know this right now?

Because I may have a little treat for you coming soon here…a FREE treat, of course. And those are always the best kind.

I just want to get a better idea of what you are all really facing on a daily basis.

So…with that being said, I would love LOVE for you to tell me…

What’s Your Poison? Just leave me a message in the comments below.



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