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The 4 Easiest Ways To Get Healthy in 2014!

How to Get Healthy in 2014

Happy 2014! How were your holidays?

We had a great December. Lots of family. Love of love. Lots of fun.

Oh. We also got a new puppy.


Meet Quincy. He is our new almost-4-month-old Goldendoodle pup.

Somehow all of his puppy cuteness made me completely forget how busy…and active… and mischievous a new puppy can be.

I knew we kept those baby gates for good reason. We are back in toddler mode again since we need to keep this guy in our view and out of trouble. At. All. Times. Don’t be totally fooled by his adorableness…

Quincy 2

Thank goodness it is on my list to get in some extra workouts this year. This sweet boy will make sure that we are moving all the time, no doubt. We have already taught him how to play soccer and now that’s all he wants to do.

I decided to keep my approach to this new year simple. I came up with 4 easy ways to start the new year off refreshed, full of energy, and even a few pounds lighter.

They are 4 things that are so easy to add in to your day and will make a huge difference in your immune system, in how you feel, what your energy levels are, and even how you look.

They also do not take a huge commitment every day. Simple things lead to far better success and are far easier to stick to all year long.

how to get healthy in 2014

4 Easiest Tips to Start This Year Off Healthier Than Ever:

1. Take a quality probiotic supplement every day. There are so many good reasons to do this, but some of the top include: tonifying and cleansing effects on your intestines, they help keep you regular, they boost immune system, have anti-candida properties, and supply your intestinal tract with the right type of bacteria to keep your body functioning optimally!

Probiotics (whether from a good quality supplement or from natural food sources) are the one must that I think every person, from babies to adults, should always include in their diet.

2. Take a swig of Apple Cider Vinegar every day (the raw, unfiltered kind with the “mother”) … Add 1 -2 Tablespoons to a glass of water and drink in the morning. Again so many great reasons for this, but my favorites are that it: helps keep your body in an alkaline state, helps eliminate heartburn naturally, helps fight off colds and flus, promotes digestion, promotes cleansing of toxins from the intestines, and can help clear up skin conditions!

You can go read more about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and even get a simple recipe for a nice warming drink with it too.

Hello! Who wouldn’t want a quick swig of something that can help with all of that? 😉

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

3. Throw together a quick 5 ingredient green drink every morning or afternoon. The one below is a great way to cleanse, detox the body, and give a great energy boost. It is quick and simple and you will start to crave it over time. The kids even like this one.

Easy Green Juice Recipe

4. Every few months, do a simple whole foods cleanse to begin each season off with some extra energy.  A 2-day cleanse will help you: rid health destroying toxins from your body, boost your metabolism, boost your immunity, improve digestion, and kickstart weight loss!  You can go check out some more of my favorite reasons to do a whole foods cleanse and some easy tips to get started here (or click on the photo below).

Benefits to a Natural Foods Cleanse

So you see? These are not difficult at all. An extra minute or two each day and you will already be on your way to feeling better, looking healthier, having more energy, and smiling more.

This is the year we can focus on our health, our guts (from the inside), and our immune systems. When all of those things are in check, everything else just seems to fall right into place!


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