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I Will Convince You Yet…To Grow Some Veggies

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Okay. I am going to try and convince you, once again, why you should at least try and grow a few of your own fruits and veggies…no matter what your climate is like or how much space you have to do it.

Are you ready for my Reasons for why I think you should (and Can) grow your own vegetables..I have 9 of them…

1. There is a type of garden available for any climate, any space, and any gardening ability. Trust me.

No space? How about Container Gardening for even the smallest of patios/porches? Here are some beautiful Cedar Raised Beds-you can pick your size and layout to fit your space.

No Yard? Not even a patio? How about some Vertical Gardening?

Outdoors not an option? How about some Indoor Gardening?


Okay. I know I am teasing you here. But since, by now, I have hopefully piqued your interest, you need to go get my reasons #2-9 over on my post at The Balanced Platter today. 

I do promise you this one thing…I believe in you. You. Can. Do. It.

Because if I can….Mrs Black Thumb herself…then ANYONE CAN DO IT!

But. Go decide for yourself. 🙂

How to start your own vegetable garden

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