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On A Personal Note….

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Okay, so this post has absolutely NOTHING to do with gluten free, allergy free, Celiac Disease, my iPhone App or anything else that I regularly talk about here with you.  Every now and then I need a break from all things related to cooking allergy free because, well… it can consume your life, if you let it. So today I felt compelled to not think food allergies and instead share with you a special photo and a little bit of what our family is about.

And for the 99% of my wonderful blog readers that have never seen the room in my home that I am sharing with you today, this post may seem silly (and yes, possibly even bore you). But for the 1% of you who have, you will understand why the photo, that was taken by sheer accident, means so much!

Six plus years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest son, we travelled, for the last time as a childless couple, to Maui.  While there, my husband fell in love with a picture at one of the art galleries.  It was a perfect fit for what we were envisioning our son’s room to be.  The price….ridiculous.  The feeling it evoked….of course, priceless.

We could not get the picture out of our minds. We returned to the gallery and managed to steal some pictures of it and then shared them with a friend who is a mural painter.  The choice was made to instead transform Conner’s room into the picture.  Once again, the price….ridiculous.  Once again, the feeling it evoked…of course, priceless (this time to the nth degree).

Room For the Gluten Free boy

Room for the Gluten Free boy 2

This room stands for our love of the sea.  Although we are desert dwellers (calling Arizona our main residence), we have a cottage right on the beach in Oceanside, California. We spend as much of our time there as possible.  My boys call it home just as much as they do our house in this land-locked state of Arizona.  My husband would prefer to move there permanently (if I gave the okay).  He has a passion for surfing that is unrivaled by anyone I know personally and his skills on those waves still continue to amaze me, even after these last 17 years that I have watched him ride.  His heart belongs to the ocean and he starts to get slightly cranky when he has been away from those waves for too long.

When we had the mural done, Kurt asked our friend to include a picture of him holding the hand of his son, while staring out at the sea.  Everyone has commented on this part of the mural.  It has become the heart of the room.

So, when, my Mom and I were sitting up on the deck this July, watching my husband take his oldest son out for his first solo ride (albeit on a boogie board, not a surfboard), our cameras could not snap pictures fast enough as Father and Son were walking out hand-in-hand to greet those gentle waves.  My Mom is the one who actually got the shot, but it is the one that I never dreamed we would have gotten without a staged photo.

Allergy Free iPhone App

This was the perfect shot…..

Gluten Free iPhone App

And, of course, I cannot leave out the one who was pining over the fact that he could not be out there with them.  This child here will be out there the second we feel confident enough that he will not drown.  He is: Eager. Fearless. Full of Wonder. Not Afraid of what lies ahead. Oblivious to Danger.

Allergy Free Cookbook

Thank you for humoring me.  Now you know another little piece of me.  It felt good to focus on something other than work for a bit, although, I must admit that I am feeling a little sentimental since both of my kiddos headed off today to start the school year again!

I will be back on track tomorrow with more from the world of healthy eating, gluten- and allergy-free.  Until then, peruse my site for your fix of recipes, or visit my friends in my Blog Roll!

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