My TOP 6 “Can’t-Live-Without” Kitchen Gadgets!

My Allergy-Friendly Kitchen has grown over the years to include some of my favorite and most-important must-haves. Some of these babies I seriously can’t live without.  I have included some of my absolute essentials here so that you TOO can have a well-stocked Allergy-Free Kitchen!

1. My VITAMIX – I use this baby every single day at least once…if not 3-4 times. I think I would cry if something happened to it. Seriously.

Vitamix Blender - A Cook It Allergy Free Must-Have

2. My Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator WITH a Timer  – While I love this baby a ton, I think it is my husband who would cry if something happened to this. Not kidding. He may not spend much time in the kitchen, but when he does it is usually because he’s using this. And he makes the most incredible goodies from it.

 Excalibur Dehydrator

3. My OXO Steel Chef’s Mandoline Slicer – it makes prepping foods for the dehydrator A BREEZE!! Although, again, I think my husband has way more fun with than I do.

 OXO Steel Chef's Mandoline

4. My KitchenAid 5-Quart Mixer – I use this for most of my Allergy-Friendly Baking. Mine is 12 years old and has never even failed me once. I love it and never bake without it (I think it’s because I don’t want to hurt her feelings). I even named it. Not kidding.

Kitchen Aid 5 Quart Mixer

5. My Saeco Incanto Deluxe Automatic Espresso Machine – Okay. While technically it has nothing to do with food allergies, it is just what makes me smile every single day. And when I am smiling, I am way more productive in my kitchen. Your life will be better with this! I promise it will make you happy. 😉

 Saeco Espresso Machine

6. These Fancy Rectangle Chalkboard Sticker Variety Pack – they come with 22 labels in 4 different sizes – Get yourself some cool containers and then stick these babies on them. Fill them up with whatever you want and just wipe and rewrite! LOVE LOVE LOVE these.

Chalkboard Labels

What’s Stashed in my Allergy-Free Cupboards?

These are some staple goodies that I try to keep on hand all the time…. they make whipping up something on a whim a breeze and they are all easy to store if you have some fun containers and handy-dandy chalkboard labels on hand like the photo above! 😉


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