30-Day “KEEPING IT CLEAN” Program

Get ready for a simple-to-follow 30-Day program that will help you lose weight, increase your energy, boost your immunity, and define those muscles.

This program is full of immune-boosting nutrition and meals that will become part of your permanent lifestyle.

This is NOT A DIET… this plan will keep you lean and healthy for good.

This is designed as a totally done-for-you system that will spell out everything you need for 12 days of clean and pure eating. It is FULL of easy to follow meals, grocery lists, recipes, and so much more.

And everything you need is sent RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX as soon as you order.


  • What you get with the program:

    • √The entire 2-Day Metabolism Jump Start Program
    • √All the tips and secrets needed to be successful
    • √An entire 1 MONTH of step-by-step plans, simply laid out – use them AGAIN & AGAIN all year long
    • √The full grocery lists for the plans with EVERYTHING you need
    • √3 DIGITAL Cookbooks packed with 100+ Easy and CLEAN recipes to follow
    • √Health Secrets for permanent success and how to continue with your new level of health for GOOD
    • √Real Foods Grocery List to shop from all year long
    • √Kim’s entire GUT-HEALING Program and Cookbook that will change your life AND health forever
    • √Email support as you are going through it

    This Program is designed to:

    1. Increase your energy level throughout the entire day
    2. Help you see more definition in your muscles
    3. Get you leaner than you’ve ever been
    4. Boost your immunity
    5. Boost your metabolism
    6. Become a permanent lifestyle
    7. Improve digestion and heal the gut
    8. Help your body to better absorb vitamins and minerals
    9. Increase mental focus
    10. Improve overall whole-body well-being
    11. Lead to long-term success
    12. HEAL YOUR GUT for good!

    If you are ready to get started on this 30-Day Program and get the meal plans, grocery lists, cookbook, tips, health secrets, and so much more, you can get the entire program sent to your inbox RIGHT NOW!

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