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What’s Your Poison?

Food Allergy Symptoms

Okay. I admit it. Maybe that is just a little dramatic.

My family has always said that I was a bit of a drama queen from very early on…

Symptoms of Food Allergies


But really, by “poison” I mean..

the food or foods that you are allergic or sensitive to?

Because after all, these very foods can actually act like a poison to our precious bodies.

I would love for you to share what your exact food allergies or sensitivities might be. I know some of you are dairy-free, some of you are gluten-free, some are egg-free, some are nut-free, some are corn or soy-free, and some are a combination of all of these and more.

I make most all of my recipes so that they are easily customized to be allergy-friendly and safe for as many as possible….but I am also interested in learning more about you and your specific dietary restrictions.

So are you Gluten-free OR Dairy-free OR Egg-free OR Nut-free OR Corn-free OR Soy-free OR OR OR…. a combination of all of those, or are there other allergies or sensitivities you may be dealing with?

Why do I want to know this right now?

Because I may have a little treat for you coming soon here…a FREE treat, of course. And those are always the best kind.

I just want to get a better idea of what you are all really facing on a daily basis.

So…with that being said, I would love LOVE for you to tell me…

What’s Your Poison? Just leave me a message in the comments below.



  1. On June 21, 2012 Kathryn said

    I am allergic to wheat, soy, eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, onions, asparagus, apples, bananas, peaches, avocado, celery, carrots, coconut, corn, sunflower, and sesame. I’m also allergic to some medicines, most animals, and all of the trees and grasses that grow in my state.

    • On June 21, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Wow! Kathryn, you really have quite the list! Thank you so much for sharing here. I hope you are finding lots of other amazing things to eat…I am sure it seems overwhelming at times. Let me know if you ever need new ideas… πŸ˜‰

  2. On June 21, 2012 GF-and more said

    Humm…. gluten (celiac); dairy/casein; soy. I’m extremely sensitive to any cross-contamination as well for any of these, making it doubly important to stay vigilant. And for religious reasons I can’t eat meat/seafood/fish/eggs/other animal products…

    Lots of things I can’t have, but I try to focus on what I can have, eating whole foods and naturally “XYZ-free” items. Makes me feel good to be giving myself what I need to stay heathy.

    • On June 21, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Wow! I love your attitude! Focusing on all of the things that we can have makes it so much easier to deal with. And you are so right…whole foods just are naturally free of at least many of the major allergens.

  3. On June 21, 2012 Marianne said

    Loving your blog. I am 6 months gluten-free (celiac) and 1 month refined sugar-free. Hoping the sugar purge will help my headaches among other things. Appreciate what you do!

    • On June 21, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Thanks so much, Marianne! I hope you are going to report back and let us know if eliminating the sugar has helped your headaches and other issues. It is such a journey to getting our bodies into good health but it is so fun to watch the process along the way. And Congratulations on already being gluten-free for six months! Hopefully, you are already feeling much better! πŸ˜‰

      • On June 21, 2012 Marianne said

        I am a lot better! I haven’t had a seizure since I stopped eating gluten. That alone is worth any inconvenience.
        Being diagnosed has made me more careful, more aware of what I eat. The more I learn, the more I want to make more changes in the way I eat.

        • On June 21, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

          Wow! Interesting. My son had seizures as well from gluten. He has been seizure free for a long while now since being completely gluten free. I am so happy to hear that you are doing so much better. And I agree with you about how once you are dealing with something like this it makes you so much more aware of what you eat. It is just simpler to eat the whole natural foods/produce that don’t require any label/ingredient checking! πŸ˜‰

  4. On June 21, 2012 RJ said

    I don’t have any but my sixteen month old has many. Many we are still trying to figure out but so far, no milk, eggs, soy, peanuts, fish, and apples and other pollen fruits. I have always had whatever, so it sure gets frustrating. Also as soon as I think I have it figured out she has another reaction. I am still hoping she grows out of it.

    • On June 21, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi RJ! Thank you so much for sharing your daughter’s sensitivities. Hopefully, as her digestive system matures she may be able to tolerate some of those. You are being such a good and diligent momma. Kudos to you for doing a great job! πŸ˜‰ I hope you are finding some fun recipes and treats to make for her! There are so many fun ones out there today!

  5. On June 21, 2012 Lily said

    Celiac, so gluten obviously but more importantly, I have congenital lupus, which means I’m supposed to avoid:

    nightshades (do you have any idea how expansive that list is?),
    alfalfa sprouts,
    citrus (all),
    vegetable / fruit SKINS,
    RAW freggies, too,
    broccoli and beware of most cruciferous

    Or not. The VERY serious ones are:
    nightshades, alfalfa sprouts, citrus, dairy, freggie skins or raw, sugar and garlic.

    The other ones are on “watch lists.” You can use them if you a) dare b) seem to not flip out on them.

    While garlic is my favorite thing in the world, I avoid it completely then have it a few times a year (I used to be known to eat it raw–a double foul).

    I cook most of my veg but I’m known to go wild and eat a little raw. It’s usually a problem. Basically: if something causes any inflammation, back away!

    Hilarious list, isn’t it? It’d be “no way!” if it weren’t that going GLUTEN-FREE (part of elimination testing for LUPUS TRIGGERS) proved so helpful (I didn’t come to a diagnosis due to IBS-like symptoms; mine were systemic and looked like lupus–which I still have)! Once I saw what a change it made, it’s easier to avoid other things–most of the time. I had mandarin oranges, some lime juice today and grapefruit juice last night. That is NOT my normal but I think with summer/ heat, I was craving it. My skin and eyes are reacting (diagnosed years ago with rosacea types 2 & 4, which isn’t “flushing” it’s worse). Avoiding these triggers means I don’t have those problems. It’s amazing, the difference!

    Likewise, I try to avoid tomatoes, potatoes, yams, eggplant, squash most of the time but enjoy them when they’re in (living on a ranch, it’s ours). I’m currently eating summer squash but I try to not have more than 1 or 2 a week. This is hard because it’s OURS. It’s fresh, organic and well–if it weren’t for the lupus, it’d be HEALTHY.

    I cut out caffeine for several months now and then and always go back to it as it doesn’t seem to do anything negative, where other things (that means YOU pistachios) mess me up. I still drink soy milk for the very reason everybody else avoids it (phytoestrogen). I went back to coffee and tea about a month ago after another 3 month break.

    Mostly, I “cheat” with sugar and nightshades.

    • On June 21, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Lily!! Holy moly, girl! This is one impressive list! πŸ˜‰
      It sounds like you are doing ALL of the right things and more for your health and are very intuitive about what is okay and not okay for your body now and then. Thank you so so very much for sharing your food journey. I think this helps others so much to see that they are not alone when they are dealing with these issues.
      Congratulations on being so dedicated to your healing! You are an inspiration here!

  6. On June 21, 2012 MelissaS said

    my 8 year old son is allergic to all things dairy and egg, so we are a dairy/egg free house by default. Thanks for sharing this blog!

    • On June 21, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for sharing your son’s allergies. Our house went gluten free and dairy free by default as well when we discovered my son’s (and then my husband’s) issues. It just makes it so much easier and safer, doesn’t it?

  7. On June 21, 2012 Erica G said

    I’m allergic or sensitive to: gluten, lactose, soy, corn, coconut, shellfish, tomato, potato, sweet potato, celery, cucumber, squash, carrot, mushroom, egg (from all animals, not just chickens), chicken, sheep’s milk, pineapple, banana, orange, mango, cantaloupe, most fresh non organic fruits and veggies. I also can’t have store bought broth or stocks, butter of any kind, vegetable oil, and apple cider vinegar. I think that’s everything πŸ™‚

    • On June 21, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Wow! Another doozy of a list! Thank you So much for sharing this Erica! I was just checking out your website and you definitely are flourishing! I love all of your recipes! Just goes to show how well we can all eat, even with these crazy dietary restrictions!! πŸ™‚

      • On June 21, 2012 Erica G said

        Lol thanks so much Kim!

  8. On June 21, 2012 Amanda said

    Celiac, Oats, Wine /Sulfites, Dairy / Casein, Soy, Corn (anything that eats corn), Broccoli, Avocado, Mango, Tomatoes, Green beans, Black Pepper, Sugar….Yay for allergies!

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Haha! Thanks for sharing, Amanda! Yay for allergies is right! πŸ˜‰ You, too, have quite the list. So are you okay with grassfed poultry and meat then since they do not eat corn?

  9. On June 21, 2012 Mary G said

    I am Mom to an egg sensitive daughter(5), and son (2) who is allergic to dairy and soy. It is starting to look like our 3 week old has the egg sensitivity too, through my breast milk.
    I laughed when I saw the poison reference, because we called all of the 2 year olds allergens poison so his at the time 3 year old sister wouldn’t share anything dangerous. We have gotten some great looks from people in the grocery if they hear us say no that is Bren poison.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Mary, your comment about the looks you get from people in the grocery store cracked me up. We say similar things in our family and I swear I have gotten some of the strangest looks from people.
      And, I had to cut gluten, dairy, soy, and corn from my diet when I was nursing both of my boys and I think the hardest thing was for me to make sure I was eating enough so that I could keep my milk supply up.
      Keep up the great work!! Your kids are very lucky that you are such a dedicated momma! πŸ˜‰

  10. On June 21, 2012 Emily Williams said

    I am allergic to gluten, dairy and tree nuts (except walnuts).

  11. On June 21, 2012 Lori said

    My daughter is allergic to milk,egg,soy,wheat &
    Nuts. I have all the same as food sensitivities + about 20 more
    Including spices.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Lori!! Thanks for sharing. These long lists of allergies are amazing! Keep up the great work for you and your family! πŸ˜‰

  12. On June 21, 2012 Barb said

    I am fortunate in that I only have to gluten free due to celiac disease. I was gluten intolerant before I was diagnosed but that went away after I healed. I know people who have to avoid 4 or more foods and am thankful that it’s not me. I now realize how very fortunate I am.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Barb! You are so right. When you look at some of the other long lists of foods people have to avoid, it makes being gluten free very doable. So glad you are on the road to health! Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜‰

  13. On June 21, 2012 Lori Raymond said

    My 6 year old son is allergic to eggs, milk, wheat, soy and peanuts. My husband is allergic to chicken.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Lori…it sounds like you get to be creative in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing your list with us and keep up the great work for your son and your husband. πŸ˜‰

  14. On June 21, 2012 Paula said

    Hi all,
    My allergist gave me all sorts of tests and came up negative on all but I have major issues similar to IBS.
    So I found out about a intolerance test online and took that. I don’t have the list on right now but I will try:
    dairy, eggs, beef, turkey, pumpkin, barley, corn, garlic, leeks, sunflower, cherries, oranges and mangoes.
    I gave onions last year when I was having issues and I also gave up gluten but it didn’t show on the test. Also a lot of grasses and trees came up.
    I can’t eat tomatoes or red pepper.
    They said to off everything for 2 weeks and then 1 at a time try them again and see how your body reacts.
    I was able to eat onion powder last week in baked beans so next I will try broth. I really miss onions. I’ve never had a problem with garlic.
    The thing is I can eat some of this stuff occasionally but if I eat the same thing 3 days in a row I get sick.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Paula! Good for you for doing some of your own research to figure out what was causing your issues. That is quite the long list, but it sounds like you are doing the right thing for your body. And you are so right. Too much of anything is actually not good for any of us. So moderation is the key! πŸ˜‰

  15. On June 21, 2012 Laura said

    I have a severe intolerance to HFCS, and moderate intolerances to gluten, oats, whey, salmon, lobster, pinto beans, coffee, egg yolks, and cashews.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Laura! You have quite an interesting list of food intolerances! And on the bright side, none of us should be eating HFCS so you are already a step ahead in health! πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!

  16. On June 21, 2012 Christine said

    I’ve been gluten, soy, mammal meat, legume and pea free for years after decades as “gluten lite”. I kept having DH and neurological issues though. So I started eliminating other grass grains and legumes, ferreting the hidden forms of these foodstuffs like citric acid, erythorbic acid, ascorbic acid, xanthan gum, white vinegar, cleaners, optic brighteners, etc, that are synthesized from them.

    What happened was pretty remarkable; no more hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, pre-Diabetes, liver difficulties metabolizing fatty acids, bleeding disorder, alopecia, NO ANA’S OR OTHER AUTO-IMMUNE MARKERS. I’m slowly losing more weight without forcing the issue and preserving my nervous system which has suffered several traumatic injuries and much of the auto-immune issues. I’m sure many of you have heard much lately in the news about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, its link to Dementia later in life and degenerative/ auto-immune links. I think we’re looking at a looming epidemic due to sports, vehicle accidents, war and last but not least, abuse.

    I DO cook cruficers to avoid goitrogenesis. I often blanch them in hot water, shocking in ice water and pureeing then freezing it in cubes for smoothies or to add to recipes that don’t call for fresh cruiforms.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Wow, Christine! What a remarkable path of healing!! You are such an inspiration to all of us! You have done an amazing job in listening to your body and figuring out what it needs to thrive and feel better! Thank you so very much for sharing your story with us here. It is so fun to see when people begin to have these success stories! Great job and kudos to you for everything you are doing for yourself! πŸ˜‰

  17. On June 21, 2012 Jeannie Wilson said

    One of my favorite pictures of you. Drama Queen -No, Queen For A Day – Yes.
    I don’t think I have any real allergies. I do know I don’t feel well after eating anything with sugar, too many carbs, and cheap red wine. Hugs – mommacitta

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Haha! Thanks, Mom! And I know Kurt would still say that I tend to be a princess…maybe he does not think I have earned “queen” status yet. LOL
      Love you!

  18. On June 21, 2012 Christine said

    Cruciforms, not crucifers.

  19. On June 21, 2012 Paula said

    I get horrific migraines when I drink cheap red wine. Thank God I’, a white wine drinker :o)

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      I get those headaches from cheap red wine, too, Paula! So I stick with that white as well! πŸ˜‰

  20. On June 21, 2012 Anna said

    I was diagnosed with Crohns two years ago after surgery to remove a large blockage. The GI wanted me on Remicade immediately but I didn’t want drugs in my body. My doc of 20 years felt my decision to see a Naturopath was a good idea since I was having no signs of flares. Started seeing her a little over a year ago and she’s treating me with supplements and by eliminating everything I’m sensitive to. I had to eliminate gluten, wheat, yeast, oranges, peanuts, kidney beans, soy, dairy, corn, oats, pork, pineapple, bananas, alcohol, caffeine and limit my sugar intake. It hasn’t been easy but after a year I think I’m getting used to it. It’s hard to tell if I feel better because I never really felt bad to begin with. I do believe its the right thing to do though.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Wow, Anna! How amazing that you do not normally feel symptoms. I imagine that it makes it hard to stick to all of your restrictions since you do not have immediate ill-effects from eating them. You are doing some wonderful things for your health! Keep up the good work. I am sure your body is healing and so much healthier because of all that you are doing! πŸ˜‰

  21. On June 21, 2012 Hope said

    I avoid gluten, dairy, caffeine, nightshades and I also try to eat low oxalates – no nuts, chocolate etc.

    Eat plenty of fish, meat, low ox fruit and veggies. Currently very fond of rice pudding made with coconut milk and rice milk. And sugar… not taking care of my health that good yet.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Hope! Wow, it sounds like you are doing really well with your health, sugar or not!! πŸ˜‰ I try to eat a low oxalate diet as well, for the most part, but I do include certain foods higher in them form time to time. You sound like you have a really great diet right now! Kudos to you for taking care of yourself! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

  22. On June 21, 2012 Mari said

    I am allergic to gluten, rice, and dairy. I have never minded all that much because I like to be different, and there is nothing more different than not being able to eat the same things that other people eat. People’s attitudes are more difficult than what I can and can not eat, but I take it all with a grain of salt. I have a lot of trouble with cross contamination, and will be sick for up to 48 hours or more if I encounter any. My biggest problem is visiting family members using my toaster! I have bought three toasters in the last two years. Currently I am using mainly almond flour recipes and some coconut flour recipes. All have turned out pretty well, and tasted good. My husband will eat anything, but even he said they were really good! I try to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, some eggs and lean meats, and have been known to eat a tossed salad three times a day, if nothing else sounds good.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Mari!! I LOVE your positive attitude! I actually love that we have to eat differently in our house as well! It means that I can choose whatever my family eats and that we can turn down a lot of the unhealthy foods at parties and different events since they are not safe for us. I just pack our own goodies! And I totally hear you about toasters. I just started using my oven instead of my toaster so I would not have to worry about cross-contamination. You sound like you are doing such an amazing job and feeding your body with wonderfully healthy foods!! That is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us and being an inspiration to us all!

  23. On June 21, 2012 Stephanie said

    gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and corn are the ones we avoid most, and sugar

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Stephanie! That is a pretty impressive list of things to avoid. Great job! Thank you so much for sharing with us! πŸ˜‰

  24. On June 21, 2012 melanie said

    Wheat and Gluten intolerant pet dander

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Melanie! Thank you so much for sharing your intolerances with all of us here! πŸ˜‰

  25. On June 21, 2012 shannon korczynski said

    allergic: gluten, dairy, soy, egg
    low carber: nutritionist, Maria Emmerich
    sensitive/intolerant: beef, winter squash, carrot, iceberg lettuce, spinach, brussels sprouts, asparagus, black pepper, avocado, nightshades, cabbage, chick pea, grape, lamb, rosemary, cocoa, maple, rice, yeast, banana, apple, coconut, green pea, tea (black, green, an roobios) and much more but these seem to be the most used ingredients on blogs
    *info thanks to ALCAT test results*

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Shannon!! Wow! What a list! We did the ALCAT test as well at one point in our journey! I am sure you have to get quite creative in coming up with meals! Thank you so much for sharing this impressive list of sensitivities. You are doing something wonderful for your body as you allow it to heal and thrive…just keep reminding yourself of that! πŸ˜‰

  26. On June 21, 2012 Christine Brockett said

    Gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, MSG and sugar. I so appreciate the Cook It AF app because, while it’s easy to find recipes and products that avoid one of those things, it’s difficult to find ones that exclude all.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Christine! Thank you so much for the kind words about the app. You have quite a list going there. It sounds a lot like ours! πŸ˜‰
      I am actually very very sensitive to MSG as well. In fact, when I was pregnant, I ate out at a restaurant that ended up having MSG in their food and it me put into labor 2 months early. I ended up in the hospital for days while they had to stop my labor. Now I am even more afraid of it!
      Thanks so much for sharing with all of us here!

  27. On June 21, 2012 Lynn said

    I’m Lactose Intolerant and I self diagnosed myself 3 years ago Gluten free but besides that I try to be corn and soy free…(thyroid issues run in the family) I also try to only eat grassfed meat as I found I was being super sensitive to diff. types of meat/chicken…I have tons of joint pain/tendon pain so I’ve been going on and off the nightshade diet…love your blog btw! Great recipes!

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Lynn!! Thanks so much for sharing all of your sensitivities. I find that we only do well with grassfed meats too. I believe it is thanks to all of the corn and grains that the NON-grassfed animals are fed that their bodies are not meant to eat that ends up affecting us too. Kudos to you for taking your health into your own hands and doing something healthy for your body! πŸ˜‰

  28. On June 21, 2012 Debi said

    No dairy or gluten. And I think I’m going to have to go the route of no peanuts.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Debi, we are giving up peanuts too! I find that both of my kids feel much better when they don’t eat them – I am thinking there is something to do with mold issues… Thanks for sharing with everyone here!! πŸ˜€

  29. On June 21, 2012 briita said

    I am sensitive to gluten, dairy (can tolerate butter and Greek yogurt), corn, tomatoes, soy, coconut.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Briita! Thank you so much for sharing your list of food sensitivities with all of us! It is amazing what we all deal with on a daily basis!
      Kim πŸ˜‰

  30. On June 21, 2012 Kari said

    We are Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Egg-free, Nut-free, Corn-free, Soy-free, Bean and Legume free… My poor little guy is allergic to so much!!

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Kari, thank you for coming and sharing what you are dealing with with your son. It is amazing how dedicated we become for our children. You are being such a good mama in what you are doing for him! Keep up the good work. πŸ˜‰

  31. On June 21, 2012 glutenfreehappytummy said

    gluten, dairy, sugar and egg yolks….i know, egg yolks but not whites….my body is weird! but right now i’m on the body ecology diet — so that means no sugar, fruit, dairy, grains, beans (including peanuts), soy, starchy veggies, sweet veggies, mushrooms, tomatoes, alcohol, caffiene, vinegars (except apple cider vinegar) …the diet is an Anti Candida diet, starving the Candida yeast of their food source: sugar.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Caralyn! I really like the Body Ecology diet. It is really effective in helping to eliminate Candida. Congratulations to you for being so dedicated to your own health!! Thank you so much for sharing your food journey here! πŸ˜‰

  32. On June 21, 2012 Karen said

    The worst reactions are to gluten, dairy, and soy. Those will make me sick for weeks to months. Also refined sugar.

    Allergies are: coffee, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, tuna, turkey, green pepper, pineapple, mustard, blueberry, crab, garlic, grape, haddock, honey, malkt, oats, oregano, salmon, yeast, avocado, and banana….nightshades.

    I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around the allergy test results.

  33. On June 22, 2012 Samantha said

    I am sensitive to gluten, rice, cherries, pinto beans, grapefruit. The list used to be much longer, but I have fortunately been able to gradually add them back–but I think these 5 are here to stay for good! The rice and gluten are obviously the most difficult because so much gluten free things are made from rice! Thanks for your blog, it’s been a huge help!

  34. On June 22, 2012 Sandra said

    My allergies are gluten (went into anaphlaxic shock), egg (trouble breathing – worst allergy ever because I love to bake so much), celery (who’s allergic to celery?), iodine/iodized salt (causes my lymph nodes in my digestive track to swell painfully – caused a three day hospital stay). I also have severe sensitivity to cross-contamination which causes hives, lots and lots of hives especially when I eat out in restaurants. I only eat out maybe once a month and always, always, 100% of the time get some cross-contamination issues from mild to severe, no matter where or what I eat (hold the salt, no gluten, no egg and in an certified gluten free restaurant). I am gluten-intolerant and I have always wanted to know: How do people with celiac eat out without getting sick or suffer long-term effects? Because of my sensitivity, I know within 5-10 minutes that I have been cross-contaminated because of the hives and then sometimes, soon after, the nausea and/or trouble breathing, and like I said, it happens everytime I eat out. I figure at this point, it is just a price I pay to be social with my family and friends. I have been to celiac support groups and most of the discussion is about what restaurants they have eaten at or want to try and they seem to eat out a lot. So, how do you do it without short-term or long-term effects? Thank you for any insight

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I completely understand your pain. There is such a high high risk of cross-contamination at restaurants because there is so much action that goes on in a commercial kitchen and they just don’t take the time to pay attention to areas of possible contamination. Our family really does not eat out often either. I just would rather know that we are staying safe and have no possibility of contamination issues. I think that many people with Celiac disease or Gluten Sensitivities often do not get the immediate effects of contamination and their symptoms can show up later (that is how it is with both my husband and my son) and so they do not always attribute their ill feelings to eating out. I know that every time we eat out we are at risk for cross-contamination so we just limit it to times when it is a social gathering that is somewhat unavoidable and then I bring and pack food for most places that we go as well, just in case!
      Thank you so much for sharing your concerns and your story here, Sandra. It is so helpful for so many other people to realize that they are not alone in struggling with all of this.
      πŸ™‚ Kim

  35. On June 22, 2012 sproutsmama said

    In my family of 3, we have avoid the following: gluten, soy, dairy, oats, corn. We aren’t all sensitive to all of them, but we accommodate everyone’s allergies an every meals eaten at home.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Sproutsmama! Thank you so much for coming here and sharing. We do the same as you in our family. Even though not every family member is sensitive or allergic, we just keep the whole house free of those foods so that we can all eat all of our meals together and enjoy the same foods. Plus, this way I do not have to be a short-order cook and create individual meals for each person!! πŸ˜‰

  36. On June 22, 2012 Alisa said

    Wow, look at all of the amazing responses! Strictly dairy-free for me, but honestly, there seem to be rotating needs in this house. We’ve been gluten-free for a while, mostly soy-free, and just started in on eggs again, as they seem to be okay for my husband now.

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      I know, such great responses here! It is amazing how long some of the list of offending foods are for some here and yet they all seem to keep such good attitudes about it. So glad that you are able to use eggs again for the hubby! Thanks for coming by and sharing, Alisa!! πŸ˜‰

  37. On June 22, 2012 Heather L said

    I am allergic/intolerant of dairy, eggs, soy, all grains, seeds and seed oils, white potatoes, blueberries. Because I’m breast feeding my 4 month old daughter who also has food allergies, I am in an allergy elimination diet to figure her out. So far I know she is reacting to sweet potatoes, coconut, green beans, asparagus, okra. I am avoiding nightshades, haven’t had any luck adding any veggies or legumes, no tree nuts right now.
    My 27 month son is allergic to all grains, legumes, seeds, eggs, dairy, soy, peanuts, mushrooms, berries, and pineapple. My husband is gluten intolerant and tries to limit dairy. Meals are very interesting here!

    • On June 22, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Holy moly, Heather!! You have quite the collaborative list in your house. I can only imagine how creative you must have to get at meal times. And I also give you so much credit because I know how hard it is to make sure you are avoiding certain foods that affect your baby when you are breast-feeding. And then to have to deal with your own allergies and intolerances on top of that makes it even more difficult. Kudos to you for being such a dedicated mama and for doing everything right in feeding your children! Thank you so much for sharing your story here. πŸ˜‰

  38. On June 23, 2012 kristy @ coconutmama said

    Kim, you are so sweet. I love how you take so much interest in your readers. I really enjoyed the post/discussion on the deep dark secrets. I have really come to love your blog and your recipes in the few months that I have been reading.

    Anyways – I avoid gluten and dairy as well as limiting sugar/refined sugar. πŸ™‚

    • On June 25, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Wow! Kristy, your comment really means a lot! I started this whole blog because I wanted to connect with all of the others in this community. What I love is how everyone is so kind and supportive of each other. That way none of us feels as if we are doing this alone!
      And thanks so much for sharing your own list with us too!! So many amazing comments here right now!

  39. On June 24, 2012 Rebecca said

    Hi there…
    We have dairy, peanut, egg, banana, strawberry, raspberry, and a few more minor ones in our family, my 6 year old son. Even though the rest of my family is food allergen free. we all try to follow the allergen free diet. I have just tested my 1 year old today on allergies, still waiting for the results. Hopefully it will be good news. Thanks so much for your blog!

    • On June 24, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Rebecca!! Thank you so much for sharing what your family deals with each day! I do think it is just so much easier to keep the entire family on the same diet so that there is not the risk of cross-contamination. Plus, it makes it so much simpler to just make one meal that everyone will eat instead of a number of different ones. And here is to hoping that your 1 year old comes back without any allergy issues! πŸ˜‰

  40. On June 25, 2012 Sarena said

    I find this subject fascinating. I am allergic to dairy protein and intolerant to lactose, allergic to soy and sensitive to gluten. My grandmother has celiac, but I’ve not been tested for that at this point. My husband has celiac, so I’m thinking the time for a family testing of me and the boys has come…

    • On June 25, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Sarena, I totally find it fascinating as well! It is so incredible (and frightening as well) to see how many different allergies and sensitivities so many are dealing with. And wow. You do have a lot of Celiac propensity in your family. It sounds kind of like our family!! My husband and one of my sons has it (the other just stays gluten free to be safe). But my husband and I both believe that his parents likely have it as well because they have just about all of the symptoms and then some (my husband has both genes for Celiac Disease – a double whammy). Good luck with the testing, if you decide to do it!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing with us, Sarena!!

  41. On June 25, 2012 Catherine said

    My son is sensitive to gluten, dairy, egg, tomato, strawberry, lentils, peanut. We also limit sugar, corn, and FODMAPs.

    • On June 25, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Catherine, quite another comprehensive list. Thank you so much for sharing with us here! It really helps everyone else feel like they are not doing this alone when they see so many others with similarly long lists. πŸ™‚

  42. On June 25, 2012 Allegra said

    I have never had any formal allergy testing… but there are foods/substances that ALWAYS make me feel sick:

    Gluten, Soy, Canola (I love hummus. I had two favorite brands of hummus and one always gave me an upset stomach, one did not. They were both organic. The difference was that one used organic olive oil and the other used organic canola oil. Since then I realized that anything with canola makes me sick). Oats, sugar,
    potatoes- I can have a tiny serving, and lactose- I can have a little. And of course anything processed makes me sick.

    My food allergy symptoms seem to have gotten better after I avoided gluten and took probiotics for a while… I’m guessing because during this time my gut began to heal itself. Now days I don’t have to worry about being doubled over if I accidently (or purposely, haha) injest a food that I am sensitive to. But I still have to be careful to not make it a habit, otherwise I will definitely start to feel sick and have pain again. Also, oregano oil helps- there’s something in it that acts as a powerful antihistamine/ anti-inflammatory.

    Thanks for everything you do Kim.

    • On June 25, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Allegra!! Wow! Another impressive list. It is interesting that you mention the canola oil giving you issues. I kind of noticed that with my son as well a while ago. Since then I never use canola (plus, it has no health benefits anyway). But I agree with you too about the idea that as your gut starts to heal your reactions seem to lessen. I have definitely found that to be so true for both my husband and my son! Thank you so much for sharing what you deal with everyday!! πŸ˜‰

  43. On June 25, 2012 Spring said

    Boy 1: Eggs, Peanuts, and Treenuts
    Boy 2: Eggs, Milk, Sunflower.

    The food item I am having the most difficulty with right now is icing. I want to make boy 1 a decorated birthday cake for his 5th birthday. I am pretty confident the cake part will come out well, but the icing . . . I HATE the way icing tastes when made with Earth’s Balance buttery spread. I am going to try vegetable ghee next . . .

    • On June 25, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Spring!! Thank you for sharing your boys sensitivities!! Have you tried making whipped cream with coconut milk/cream? Maybe that would be an alternative for you. I have to agree that I am not quite a fan of the way the icing tastes with Earth Balance either, but I have had success using coconut oil in icings and using coconut milk or cream as whipped cream. I did not see you mention coconut, so am hoping it is not an issue for you guys! Thanks so much for sharing what you guys are dealing with! πŸ˜‰

  44. On June 25, 2012 Audra Taylor said

    My allergies are corn, soy, olives, gluten and cows milk. Those are on the do not touch lists.

  45. On June 25, 2012 Linda said

    My daughter is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. My son and husband cannot tolerate beef.

    • On June 25, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Linda!! So glad to have you sharing what your family deals with on a daily basis! This is a wonderful community here and now everyone can see that they do not have to go through this alone! πŸ˜‰

  46. On June 25, 2012 Caia said

    Allergic: gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, pineapple, navy beans
    Avoid: non-gluten grains, legumes, nightshades, sugar, cruciferous veggies.

    • On June 25, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Caia! You, too, have quite the list going! How did you decide to avoid the other grains, legumes, nightshades, sugar, and cruciferous veggies?? Just curious. I try to avoid a lot of those as well, but never have been tested. I just know I feel better when I am not eating many of those things! πŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing your list! πŸ˜‰

      • On June 26, 2012 Caia said

        The allergies were determined via blood testing, those are the severe allergies, I have a list too long to print of “moderate” allergies that I should rotate in my diet and only have every 4 days, otherwise I risk an allergic reaction. The other things I avoid have been as a result of following an elimination diet, then an autoimmune protocol. Eliminating the allergens wasn’t enough to make me feel better, but it still took me 3 years to be able to ditch the grains and beans and sugar!! Several months on the AI protocol, plus the guidance of a Paleo nutritionist (Diana Rodgers – she’s fantastic!!!) and half a dozen supplements, I’m starting to feel much better. The cruciferous sensitivity was only realized after my food processor died and I stopped making cauliflower rice as a result – I was eating a lot of this, and only realized after stopping this that I felt much better without it. I’m hoping to eventually add the nightshades back (SALSA – I MISS YOU!!!), but the few times I’ve tried haven’t gone well for me.

  47. On June 25, 2012 Nicole said

    Wow I’ll have to show my Hubby this comment section he’ll think he is lucky that my daughter and I are just gluten and caesin intollerant. I think he has issues as well but won’t get tested or do any elimination diet to be sure, he’s on acid reflux meds and get’s headaches and is not active.

    • On June 25, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Nicole! I would totally say to show this to your hubby!! πŸ™‚ It is wonderful to see that none of us are alone in this journey. And when you see some of the longer lists on here, it makes you grateful when there are only a few things you have to deal with. I hope your hubby decides to try and join in. I know that my husband resisted for a long time…until he had tests proving otherwise, unfortunately…but once he started eating the same as the rest of us over 5 years ago he has never felt better or healthier! Hopefully the same can happen in your family! πŸ˜‰
      Thank you so much for coming and sharing here!

  48. On June 25, 2012 Carolyn said

    I am allergic to wheat, hops, rye, rice, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, soy, and most indoor and outdoor allergens.

    • On June 26, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Carolyn!! Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your list of allergies! You definitely have a good one going here. πŸ˜‰

  49. On June 25, 2012 Kate said

    Gluten, for sure. As for other foods–well, I mostly stay away from sugar. Trying to avoid dairy. Don’t do well with most grains.

    Curious about the lists of different food allergies others post–is this result of allergy testing, or the results of elimination diets? Do you recommend allergy testing? To be honest, I’m so fed up (pun intended) about obsessing about how I feel after eating something that I’ve just gotten to the point of dealing with it. Works for awhile until it all catches up with me and I feel totally miserable.

    • On June 25, 2012 Allegra said

      I never did allergy testing because it isn’t always accurate and the way I see it, if soy makes me feel miserable then I don’t really need a test.

      I discovered my gluten sensitivity by doing an elimination diet- all it took was 2 days and I felt great! After about a week I ate some gluten again and I was so sick to my stomach, had terrible gas and bloating, and a huge headache!

      To be honest, I feel the best when I eat mainly veggies and fruits and drink lots of water. Some meat, and grains is best in moderation (for me) but since I start to feel deprived without meat and grains I often overdo it. But I’m with you… If I’m not super sick from it I will keep eating it, especially if it has nutritional benefits. Now canola has no nutritional benefit, and soy isn’t exactly good for you either, so I have no problem avoiding those!

      • On June 26, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

        Allegra, you are so right. In our house, we know for sure that my son and husband have Celiac Disease, so we obviously have to avoid all gluten. I have never been tested, but I, too, know that I just feel so much better without certain things. I know I can eat a little here or there, but if I start to eat a lot, then I just feel BLECK, so it is easier to just avoid it all!!! πŸ˜‰

    • On June 26, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Kate. Thank you for sharing the foods that you are avoiding! You ask a great question about how others figure out about their sensitivities and allergies. There are so many different tests available today…maybe that will be one of my next posts. To hear which tests everyone used to come up with their diagnosis or if they follow their diets because they just know it makes them feel better. πŸ˜‰

  50. On June 26, 2012 Maria said

    My food allergies include: Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Avocado, Banana, and Corn. I am intolerant to White rice and Oats (even certified gluten-free). I am suspecting a slight soy allergy as well but haven’t had the energy to do an elimination challenge yet. My 3-year old is anaphylactic to Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Sesame, and is also allergic to Eggs, Dairy, Strawberries, Avocado, and Coconut. Due to his sesame allergy, we avoid all seeds until he is re-tested in a few months. (In addition we have severe environmental allergies, cat allergies, and my son is anaphylactic to dogs). We are new to our food allergy journey as my son was diagnosed at about 4 months old and I was just diagnosed last summer. Thanks for asking!

  51. On June 26, 2012 Maria said

    Oops…I meant my son was diagnosed with a dairy allergy at 4 months but he actually wasn’t formally tested until 2 years old per his pediatrician and allergist. However, thankfully, we were told to avoid all of the foods he is actually allergic to (except sesame and avocado). Regardless, at the time, I was not aware of the risks of cross-contamination and didn’t cook much, so wasn’t diligent enough and he did have a few severe reactions. πŸ™

  52. On June 26, 2012 Ruth Dorey said

    As part of a health regime set up by my chiropractor/wholistic doctor, I have been dairy-free and refined sugar-free for a number of years. Next we added egg-free to the list when I did an extensive food allergy testing which came back with a severe allergy to eggs with the worst being the white of the eg. It is typically the egg yolk to which people are most allergic. Then came the gluten-free component. Most recently I have been placed on an anti-inflammatory diet which has eliminated red meat from my diet in an effort to control RA. I am a bit of a mess. Food has become the energy I need, rather than something spectacular to enjoy. This is unfortunate in some ways as my adult son is a culinarian and eating at restaurants is a favorite family leisure activity. The adjustments definitely do help with my hormonal imbalances and RA but since cooking was never a great love of mine, finding new and interesting recipes can be a challenge

  53. On June 27, 2012 Dana said

    I avoid gluten, dairy, soy and nightshades for RA that showed its ugly head after the birth of my daughter. My children are GF,CF, SF. Hubbie just GF.
    Menu planning is fun in my house!

  54. On June 27, 2012 Judy Sizemore said

    I’m still weeding through all of my poisons, but the non-allergic list is far shorter than the allergic list. It seems I react to ALL grains, milk, corn, soy, sugar, tomatoes, apples, almonds, and so on. I’m having trouble finding healthy varieties to eat. I’m good with potatoes, chicken, avocados, eggs and olive oil. Still eliminating and testing, and now digestion is off. No fun! You simply cannot bake with bean flour!

  55. On July 4, 2012 Cathi Gross said

    Ok, I have a pretty big list.
    Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Corn Free, All Grain Free that includes rice too, No Starches, No Yeast, No Nightshade family plants like chilles, paprika, tomatoes, etc. I’m only allowed Monosaccharide type Fruits and Vegetables and I can eat all kinds of meat. I can also have certain Nuts and Beans, but they must be soaked for 24 hours before using. So, thats about it :-). Is that just overload crazy. . .Sometimes you just have to laugh about it, otherwise you just cry. πŸ™‚ LOL
    Ventura, CA

    • On July 5, 2012 Kim-Cook It Allergy Free said

      Hi Cathi! Thank you so much for coming and sharing your list! You are right!! It is pretty extensive! πŸ˜€ And I absolutely love your line about just having to laugh about it sometimes so that you do not end up crying. I took that approach too, from the beginning, and it has made all the difference in our attitudes and how we look at how we eat now! πŸ˜€
      Thank you again for sharing your journey with all of us here!

    • On July 8, 2012 Anna said

      Wow, and I thought my list was tough. How did you adjust to all of that? How long did it take you to manage to eliminate all?

  56. On July 8, 2012 Anna said

    Well, since you asked…LOL! Dairy, canola (oil and plant), sunflower, oats, eggs (seems to be just yolk), peanuts, wheat, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, sesame, kiwi, watermelon, cherry, peach, peppercorn, cashew, garlic, pork, chicken, squash.

    Any suggestions? πŸ™‚

  57. On July 11, 2012 Cathi Gross said

    Well, It didn’t all start all at once and it’s been quite a journey. When I found out that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease is when I stopped the using of Soy and MSG, except for a little fermented like in soy sauce or miso. Otherwise all soy was taken out of my diet 10 years ago. At about the same time I started eating low carb which eliminated all sugars. I only used Splenda for a very short time because I thought it was causing problems, and used Erthiytol and Luo Han Guo, for sweetener, instead a little Inulin and Chicory Root. It wasn’t until I started bringing in the Wheat products that I began dawn on me that I was having a problem bigger problems with Gluten’s, but it took me 8 more years before I would be diagnosed with Celiac Disease. So, Gluten was not totally eliminated, until I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease two and half years ago. That’s when, I eliminated Gluten from my diet altogether along with changing my kitchen so it was a gluten free environment. I still kept my carbs low too, because I had a sister who died from diabetes and the other side of the DNA Gene for Celiac disease is diabetes. At the same time as my diagnosis for Celiac disease I also had found out that I was Casein Sensitive, which I had always suspected was a problem. So out went the diary with the Glutens, and so did corn. And for 2 Β½ years I was faithful to the diet. I hated it when if first started, but once I learned how to cook without glutens and dairy and everything else and also find products that were safer, it got easier. At first the diet seemed to be help, and I started to get better BUT then everything when south the diarrhea started up again and many other digestive problems came up that I thought were going away even know I was being diligent to check everything. I just couldn’t figure out where the gluten was getting in at. I had changed everything, from toothpaste to lipstick to things I put on my skin and face to what I washed my skin and hair with no Gluten or Soy or Corn or Dairy. I had even stopped eating at restaurants even know they were Gluten free. Finally my doctor stuck me on a more strict diet called the SCD Diet (Special Carbohydrate Diet) along with Candida’s Diet which eliminated just about everything. No Sweeteners of any kind, No Starches, No yeast, No Gums of any kind (which are used in Gluten free items) All Grains were eliminated and I mean all grains. No Seaweed or fungus type products and the list goes on. I pretty much can only eat Good Grass-fed Meats, Good healthy fats and along with Steamed Vegetables and that’s it. So far, I have not been able to have any fruits, though I try every so often to see, if my body can handle it. I have also tried different nut, but they irritate even know I have soaked them for 24 hours before using. My body is still to raw even after 3 Β½ mos. and it’s probably going to take me awhile to get it healed. If the SCD diet doesn’t’ work, it’s kind of a last resort. My Doctor says it’s going to take at least 2 to 3 years probably for me to heal and possibly longer. I’m 54 years old, and I have probably been dealing with Celiac Disease all my life. The longer it takes to heal and sometimes it take something more drastic that the Gluten free diet to do. The Special Carbohydrate diet has been around way longer the Gluten free diet and was the original diet that patients were put on. If you want to read an interesting book about the discovery of the SCD Diet, read Management of Celiac Disease by Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas and Merrill Patterson Hass. It’s a really good read. Anyway, I’m still on the journey and hopefully, when it’s done, I’ll have a bigger list of foods to eat, but right now it’s a very small list. Thank you for asking. 
    Cathi G.
    Ventura, CA

  58. On July 16, 2012 Lynne said

    I certainly don’t have a list as extensive as Anna’s on July 8. However, my list is very frustrating when trying to put together a meal or any baked item.

    Allergy/Sensativity to: gluten, rice, millet, sorghum, egg whites, sesame, coffee
    Also suppose to avoid: dairy & soy

    (All are triggers for my Hashimoto’s auto-immune disease.)

    Looking forward to your “treat”!!

    Springfield VA

  59. On July 16, 2012 Iris said

    My son was diagnosed at 13 months with multiple severe food allergies. He is allergic to 16 foods (it was 18, but we have been able to eliminate two). He is allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shell fish, soy, corn, tomato, onion, avocado, banana, pineapple, lamb, black pepper, and mustard.

    His reactions vary from inflaming his eczema to anaphylaxis.

  60. On July 18, 2012 Jennifer said

    My oldest son has autism and is on a diet free of dairy, soy, gluten, food coloring, MSG and nitrates. I am on a diet free of gluten, soy and MSG, tolerate dairy in small amounts on a rotation. I have fibrolyalgia, hypothyroidism and Asperger’s Syndrome and my diet is a big deal for those conditions.

  61. On December 6, 2014 frances said

    My granddaughter is allergic to eggs, tomatoes, broccoli, corn, and strawberries. What can I feed her that doesn’t contain any of these things?

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