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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies…A Gluten Free Blogger Adopted

gluten free chocolate chip cookies

One thing I have learned is not to recipe hunt when I am starving! It always leads to grand ideas that involve way too many calories! A perfect case and point unfolded while I was trying to decide which recipe to make from Carrie -The Ginger Lemon Girl’s blog. I absolutely had the hardest time trying to pick just one for this month’s Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger (for which I adopted Carrie), being hosted by Tia of Glugle Gluten Free! I was having a major sweet tooth at the time that I was perusing through her recipes, so every one that I was adding to my list of possibilities involved dessert (that is until she posted that great looking almond flour pizza crust that I am dying to make now).

I finally narrowed it down to four choices:

Almond Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake – This looks divine! Everything about it screams delicious.
Carob Banana Muffins –  I will be making these very soon as they look like a perfect back-to-school morning treat
“Reese’s” Peanut Butter Cupcakes – You just have to go look at her picture of these – how could you NOT want to eat them? They are beautiful…
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Take 2 –  I do not need to say anything more.

But when it finally came down to it, and I asked my own personal taste-testers what they were in the mood for, the resounding chorus sang out…..CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!  And for the record, I still cannot believe that they did not choose the cupcakes. But alas, I knew I kept these two on my payroll for good reason. When mommy cannot make a decision, who better to ask than the two MOST decisive (also often referred to as strong-willed) individuals in the household. It is a good thing that these two employees still “will work for food” and have not yet started demanding actual currency.

Because I am always on the endless quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, I was eager to give Carrie’s a try.  She has been working on this recipe for two years, and the version that I tried was the one with her latest tweaks.  She definitely got it right this time as I was amazed at the outcome! They were phenomenal.  I followed her recipe to a “T”.  A few things to note (and most are all suggestions of Carrie’s as well) are that I used the arrowroot starch instead of the tapioca flour (because both Carrie and I agree that tapioca flour can leave sort of a strange after-taste), I used sorghum flour instead of millet (for no other good reason except that I did not have any millet flour on hand), I baked them on a silpat mat and not parchment paper, I chilled the dough in the refrigerator for about ten minutes before baking, and I used a 3.25 ounce bar of Dark Chocolate that I chopped up instead of chocolate chips (I just prefer all my cookies with chunks instead of chips).

And, in case you missed my post all about the best tips to avoiding mishaps in the gluten-free and allergy-free kitchen, you can refer to it here to make sure that these cookies turn out as perfect for you as they did for us!

I do have one strange confession to make about my cookie baking endeavors … after my chocolate chip cookies are baked, I would much rather eat them straight out of the freezer (with the hard chunks of chocolate) than straight out of the oven (with all of that gooey ooey melty chocolate).  This may sound strange (and possibly change the way you think about me), but I like to suck on each chunk of chocolate until it melts in my mouth, not have it land on my tongue already in that state.  However, I will admit that in the case of Carrie’s chocolate chip cookies, I ate them straight out of the oven once they were cool enough for our palates, and they were utterly AMAZING!  I did not even miss the hard chunks. The consistency, the texture, the taste..everything about these gluten-free (and dairy-free) chocolate chip cookies were divine!

I have to insert here that I had planned on posting pictures of the cookie making process as well.  However, there was a slight glitch in these plans.  The first time I made these last week, I did not take pictures as I was making them, but I did get the above final shot.  So, I made them a second time before we headed out to California for some beach time, taking some great in progress pictures.  I never got them uploaded before leaving, thinking I would have time to do so at the beach.  Enter the glitch…my husband and son went out on a deep sea Marlin fishing trip yesterday, bringing my camera with them.  They had the most wonderful day and saw some amazing sea life –  six blue whales, hundreds of dolphins, huge sunfish, and so much more.   They caught no Marlin, but they did get some pictures of a lifetime.  However, in this process, my husband also managed somehow to delete all of the pictures of the cookies in their before stage.  Considering the enormous size of my camera card, I am still unsure as to why he did it, and his only response to my “Ack..where did they go?” question was … “Well, why would you want a picture of raw cookie dough anyway…it just looks kind of blobby.”   I digress and will not insert my comment here.

But on that note, the end product is all that really matters.  So if you have not yet found your go-to gluten free (and dairy-free) chocolate chip cookie recipe, then I would suggest that you immediately bookmark this one as your new favorite.  I promise you that it will not disappoint!

Now, are you ready to try the *new* best gluten free chocolate chip cookies ever?  If you are, let me know how they turn out for you! I cannot wait to see if you think they are as good as we do!

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  1. On August 3, 2010 gluten free easily said

    We are so alike, Kim! This post made me chuckle throughout. First, yes, I want Carrie’s pizza, too. And, I would have a very hard time trying to decide which of her recipes to make! Thank goodness for the decisiveness of your taste testers! Bummer on the lost photos, but this one photo looks awfully good. I’d probably tackle someone for one of these cookies right now. Wow. Must check out Carrie’s recipe again.

    Okay, off to finish my adoption post to meet the deadline!


    • On August 3, 2010 Kim said

      Shirley, doesn’t that pizza crust look so delicious! And it is soo healthy and packed with protein! I will definitely be making this one for the boys! And also on the list will be her peanut butter cupcakes!
      Thanks for the kind words about my post. And yes, I agree… I do think we are a lot alike!

  2. On August 3, 2010 Heidi said

    I saw Carrie’s pizza crust recipe today too and oh my goodness, it looks wonderful (and healthy to boot)!

    As for the chocolate chip cookies, I am with Shirley, what I wouldn’t give for one right this second. I might even have to try sucking on a frozen chocolate chunk (um, does that sound as weird as I think it does?).

    I want to see pictures from the Deep Sea Fishing Trip, sounds like so much fun!! I kept telling Mike when we were out there that I wanted to do that (nevermind the fact that I am deathly afraid of the ocean; the movies Titanic and Open Water are my idea of horror films!). 😀


    • On August 4, 2010 Kim said

      Heidi, I am definitely going to be making that pizza crust! How much healthier could pizza get than to have a crust like that packed with protein!!
      LOL! Saying it “out loud” does sound pretty weird, but I am telling ya, don’t knock a frozen homemade chocolate chip cookie until you’ve tried one! They rock! Although, admittedly I am the ONLY one in my house who will attest to this!
      I’ll leave the fishing trip pics on my card so that you can see the pics of those blue whales when we are at IFBC. Kurt used my 75-300 mm lens and I cannot believe how close they are! Can you believe that the whales were about 100 ft long? Conner still has not stopped talking about them!
      So, considering your fear of the ocean, I imagine that you did not get any early morning surf-sessions in while you were in San Diego! LOL

  3. On August 4, 2010 Debi said

    I am so glad you said that about the tapioca starch. I baked some gluten-free blueberry muffins with another friend who is gluten-free when she was visiting a few weeks ago and she thought they were fine, but there was that taste that was bothering me.

    • On August 4, 2010 Kim said

      Hey Debi! I am not sure that everyone notices it, but I know that I definitely do. Glad to hear there a few others out there, so that I do not think that I am crazy! lol
      I think that the arrowroot works really well as an equal sub for the tapioca flour and there is none of that funny after-taste with it!

  4. On August 4, 2010 Tia said

    Hi Kim,

    Mmmmmm. There is no such thing as too much chocolate chip cookies. Yum! I have also taken to keeping mine in the freezer, lately. It was supposed to make me eat them slower, but that didn’t work out too well. I just like them more.

    After reading your story about your pictures, I just kept thinking, “It’s a good thing I love you…”

    I will have to check this recipe out. Looks so good. At least you got the picture that counts, right?

    I have finished the round-up. If you want to check it out,

    Tia 😛

    • On August 4, 2010 Kim said

      LOL, Tia! Keeping them in the freezer was initially done to help me forget about them too! Then one late night, when I was feeling too lazy to actually reheat them, i ate a couple straight from the freezer and realized how awesome they were that way!!

      And yes, it is a very good thing that I love my husband so much. There have been many occasions where the thought crosses my mind continually….”It’s a good thing I love you…”

      And I included your contribution about the parchment paper (via you) in my Tips post, btw!


  5. On August 5, 2010 EMily said

    yeeeeah, my cookies definitely didn’t look like that 🙁 Mine were totally flatened out and about a 1/8 of an inch tall. hahah

    • On August 5, 2010 Kim said

      Em, did you make this recipe or one of your other ones? Btw, gonna email you back about your blood work results in a bit!

  6. On August 6, 2010 Gail Pugsley said

    I have been all through your posts looking for the Pistachio Pesto you mentioned on cook4seasons, and can’t find it anywhere!

    • On August 6, 2010 Kim said

      Hi Gail,
      I am posting it this week with my pesto crusted chicken recipe! However, the quick rundown of the pesto recipe is 1/2 cup of pistachios (shelled), 3 cloves garlic (or more depending on taste), 1 cup packed basil leaves, 1/3 cup olive oil (or more to thin it out), 1/2 tsp salt, and if you are not dairy free, then you can add 1/3 cup shredded parm. cheese.
      Put the pistachios in a food processor until pulsed to small pieces, then add garlic and pulse again, next add the salt and the basil and begin to process again and then add the olive oil as processor is running. Add the parm (if using) and run it again until the pesto is the consistency that you desire. I like to get it pretty smooth.

  7. On August 9, 2010 Gail said

    Kim, Thanks for the pesto recipe! I can’t wait to try it. Gail

  8. On April 18, 2012 Vanessa said

    Do you have the nutritional information for these? the calories, sugar and fat etc?

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