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Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking: Giveaway Time!

Allergy Free and Easy Cooking: Enter the Giveaway

I have the perfect treat for you all, my lovely Allergy-Free friends!

There is a new book out that will prove to make your meal times in your Allergy-Free Kitchen a breeze.

Cybele PascalThe Allergy Friendly Cook – has recently released her newest cookbook: Allergy-Free and EASY Cooking: 30-minute meals without gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and sesame.

This baby is a goldmine of simple meals that everyone in the family will love and yet not even realize are also Allergy-Friendly!  I actually spent much of the holidays cooking from her book because I was wanting something quick, healthy, and simple to get on the table while we were busy with all of our holiday fun.  Every recipe we tried was a huge hit in this house.

I love how she begins the book with a 13-page guide to stocking your kitchen for your Allergy-Free Cooking. There are some great tips for everyone, whether you are just getting started on your food allergy journey or even if you have been traveling this road for a while.

The different Recipe Categories included in the book are:

  • Soups and Stews
  • Pasta and noodles
  • Casseroles and Potpies
  • Chicken and Turkey
  • Beef, Pork, and Lamb
  • Takeout at Home
  • Vegan

The recipes are easy to follow and they are ALL family-friendly… a huge bonus in my book! PLUS… there are so many beautiful full color photos of the recipes in this book too… great for ultra-visual people like myself. 😉

And because I know how perfect this book is for all of you, I am giving away a copy to one lucky person here.



To enter to win a copy of Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking, by Cybele Pascal, just simply do One, Two, or all Three of the following. Just leave A SEPARATE COMMENT for each one that you do so that you can earn an entry for each.

1. Tell me what intrigues you about this cookbook!

2. Follow Cook It Allergy Free and/or Cybele Pascal on Facebook, or tell me if you already do.

3. Share this post with your friends on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or other social media and leave an additional comment saying you did so. Help spread the word about this great new cookbook!

The contest will end on Wednesday, January 16th at PST. The winners will be announced then. You must be at least 18 years old to enter.



  1. On January 9, 2013 Susan Bastajian said

    I’m intrigued by gluten and dairy free recipes. Would love to try the recipes from this cookbook.

  2. On January 9, 2013 Erin Z.M. said

    liked your facebook site.. I love cookbooks.

  3. On January 10, 2013 Priscilla said

    I would love a copy of this cookbook because I cook for my food allergic family every day and I am so interested in recipes that are quick and easy.

  4. On January 10, 2013 Cara said

    I am intrigued by how many allergens this cookbook takes out!

  5. On January 10, 2013 Cara said

    I follow Cook it on FB.

  6. On January 10, 2013 Brittany said

    You had me at quick and easy and recipes the whole family could enjoy. I also like that their are vegan recipes since I am now trying to cut dairy out as well. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  7. On January 10, 2013 Lorraine Hudson said

    Its very difficult to find resources for multiple food allergies…gluten, dairy, soy, tree nuts, vegan too so curious if there are any recipes that combine all those elements

  8. On January 10, 2013 Lorraine Hudson said

    Posted to FB & twitter….

  9. On January 10, 2013 az barbara said

    I’ve been gluten free for many years and now will need to make even more dietary changes for health so this cookbook could be a very valuable aid in the transition. 🙂

  10. On January 10, 2013 Barb said

    I love all things dairy free, since my daughter was born with milk protein allergy that causes anaphylaxis. I’m intrigued to see what kind of meals I can create that will appeal to my picky husband that will still be milk free. I’m tired of having to make more than meal at supper time to keep them both happy and healthy.

  11. On January 10, 2013 Barb said

    Following in Facebook

  12. On January 10, 2013 Barb said

    Repinned on Pinterest

  13. On January 10, 2013 Barb said

    Shared on Facebook

  14. On January 10, 2013 Holly said

    I have one child with food allergies in the family as well as one member who has chosen a vegan lifestyle….I’m intrigued by the vast amount of choices that would meet both of those needs in our household without having to make multiple meals!

  15. On January 10, 2013 Holly said

    And I follow you on Facebook!

  16. On January 10, 2013 Holly said

    pinned to pinterest!

  17. On January 10, 2013 Niv said

    This will be a perfect one for my 9 yr old son allergic to all the allergens listed including shell fish. I follow CookitAllergyfreee by email and the iphone app.

  18. On January 10, 2013 Niv said

    I follow you on FB.

  19. On January 10, 2013 Pat Yarbrough said

    Carol amazes me that she creates so many recipes with none of the major 8 allergens.

  20. On January 10, 2013 Jean said

    I love cookbooks! I need this one because I have so many allergies and this one looks like it covers all of them–and MORE!

  21. On January 10, 2013 Jean said

    I follow you on facebook

  22. On January 10, 2013 Miki said

    I have 4 children who all have different food allergies and I have gluten intolerance so meals have been difficult. My dream is to have meals that the entire family could eat and enjoy. right now I make several different meals to fit each family members needs. Would like to no longer feel overwhelmed and have more time with my family.

  23. On January 10, 2013 Jean said

    shared on pinterest

  24. On January 10, 2013 shauna price said

    I followed you on facebook.

  25. On January 10, 2013 Marybeth Slocumb said

    I am intrigued by the casserole recipes and the pasta recipes…. I have not ventured to make gluten-free pastas yet…

  26. On January 10, 2013 Marybeth Slocumb said

    I shared the contest on Facebook 🙂

  27. On January 10, 2013 shauna price said

    I am intrigued by how easy cooking allergy free could really be.

  28. On January 10, 2013 Marybeth Slocumb said

    I follow Cook it Allergy Free on Facebook 🙂

  29. On January 10, 2013 Courtney said

    I am always looking for more gluten free and healthy recipe options. I love hosting parties and events and it would be great have some new recipes ideas. It would be great to welcome my guests with some amazing, yummy and allergy free foods!

    I shared this on facebook and pinterest! I offer a lot of gf boards on my pinterest page (all things gf, gf dinning, gf info, gf holiday’s, gf products etc!)

  30. On January 10, 2013 Briita N said

    I love new recipes that we can eat!

  31. On January 10, 2013 Jodi Castallo said

    The easy and 30 minutes intrigue me the most.

  32. On January 10, 2013 Jodi Castallo said

    I follow on facebook.

  33. On January 10, 2013 mika said

    I recently went on a non chosen ‘cleanse’ (i.e. I got sick for 3 days & couldn’t eat anything), weird part is I came out of it feeling better than ever. So I have not returned to dairy, wheat or coffee. BUT I cook for my family who are big carb & dairy lovers, so I feel challenged at every meal. Would LOVE to have an opportunity to learn some new fast, family friendly meals that we can all enjoy.

  34. On January 10, 2013 mika said

    I also liked on FB

  35. On January 10, 2013 mika said

    I also pinned on pinterest. thx.

  36. On January 10, 2013 Jen L said

    My son has multiple food allergies and I really need some inspiration for meals to cook him.

  37. On January 10, 2013 Karen said

    There are so many food allergies in my family that I’m intrigued that there is finally cookbooks out there for families like mine. From my dairy, citrus, gluten and shellfish intolerance, my daughter’s celiac disease, nut allergies, migraines, diabetes…. we have it all. When my children were growing up there weren’t many resources out there and I’ve done many things I shouldn’t have out of ignorance (such as giving my celiac daughter rye) I am so happy that there is so much more available information.

  38. On January 10, 2013 Crystal S said

    I love that this books is allergy free <3 and easy of course 😛 which is intriguing.

  39. On January 10, 2013 Crystal S said

    I already like you on FB!

  40. On January 10, 2013 Sharon Hedman said

    I have four of the allergies (wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts) so I really need this book for Ideas!

  41. On January 10, 2013 Sandra Garrett said

    I am happy coping with my wheat, gluten, dairy allergies by eating plain boring food. But I’d love to have this book to help me cook tasty appealing dishes for myself and my family

  42. On January 10, 2013 Kathryn @ Mamacado said

    Oooh, “Takeout At Home” really sounds intriguing!

  43. On January 10, 2013 Mariah said

    I’m intrigued by this book because, while I am celiac and mostly have gluten free cooking figured out, my cousin has MCS and is allergic to wheat, dairy, and eggs. She was diagnosed only a few years ago. She’s very busy and sometimes too sick to cook. Her family eats gluten free. I sometimes like to make her meals for her and her family that taste close to the regular recipe. A cook book with quick recipes that are gluten free but also egg and dairy free would be ideal. And maybe I could teach her some recipes so she can cook for herself!

  44. On January 10, 2013 Mariah said

    Shared on facebook and liked CookIt Allergy free.

  45. On January 10, 2013 Staci A said

    I’m intrigued by the Take Out at Home section. I’d love to see the recipes!

  46. On January 10, 2013 Staci A said

    I follow your FB page.

  47. On January 10, 2013 Staci A said
  48. On January 10, 2013 Diana G said

    I like that it’s allergy free being we have different ones in our family and that these can be made quickly.

  49. On January 10, 2013 Maria said

    I am thrilled that this cookbook avoids peanuts and tree nuts, since my son is anaphylactic to all including coconut and there are so many grain free recipes out there now that use these. Also, my son is anaphylactic to sesame so it’s nice to know I won’t come across those. My son and I also have multiple other food allergies so it’s nice to have a cookbook with savory, everyday recipes that I can make for my entire family to enjoy.

  50. On January 10, 2013 Maria said

    I already followed Cybele on FB but I just liked Cook it allergy free on FB as well.

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