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Holiday Baking Time With Super Healthy Cookies: Giveaway

Gluten Free Dairy Free Cookie Recipes

I have a special treat and giveaway for you just in time for all of your Holiday Cookie Baking!

SO…yes, today is all about Cookies… but the Super Healthy kind…and YES! There is such a thing. I promise.

I am talking about the latest cookbook from nutrition educator, recipe developer, and author, Hallie Klecker. The title alone lures you in:  Super Healthy Cookies: 50 Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes for Delicious and Nutritious Treats.

I have to tell you, up front, that I am literally in love with her new cookbook. Every single one of the gluten-free, dairy-free cookie recipes in this book are full of incredible nutrition and loaded with antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats, and plant-based vitamins and minerals.

There is not one recipe in the book that would make me feel guilty about feeding any of these cookies to my kids.  Plus, all of the recipes are simple enough to have the kids join in the prep process as well.

I think that, like a lot of you, we are always looking for ways to get some healthy nutrition into our families. And, if it just happens to come in the way of a cookie?… Well, who am I…or they…to complain. 😉

I promise that you will enjoy the recipes in this book and you will feel so good about knowing that even if you (and the family) are eating all of these goodies, you are all getting a punch of nutrition to go along with your little treat.

You will want to add this one to your Christmas list… It is also a perfect gift to give to anyone you know that enjoys cooking with some of the healthier ingredients out there. I already have a few people on my list that will be receiving this book as a gift from me…hopefully they just aren’t reading this post….

And, because I am feeling in the giving spirit, today, I am giving away TWO copies of this book.


To enter to win one of your own copies of the “Super Healthy Cookies” Cookbook, just simply do One, Two, or all Three of the following. Just leave A SEPARATE COMMENT for each one that you do so that you can earn an entry for each.

1. Tell me what intrigues you about this cookbook!

2. Follow Cook It Allergy Free and/or the Daily Bites on Facebook, or tell me if you already do.

3. Share this post with your friends on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or other social media and leave an additional comment saying you did so. Help spread the word about this great new cookbook!

The contest will end on Thursday, December 13th at PST. The winners will be announced then. You must be at least 18 years old to enter.

And one more thing before you go off and enter for your chance to win… make sure to check back here next week. I am going to be part of a fun Gluten-free, Dairy-free (and Allergy-Friendly) Progressive Holiday Dinner event being hosted by Hallie Klecker, the author of the website Daily Bites and, of course, this cookbook.

Now…GOOD LUCK! I cannot wait to see who the lucky winners are…

  1. On December 6, 2012 Tessa Simpson said

    I adore Hallie’s recipes, and this book looks over the top!!

  2. On December 6, 2012 Brittany said

    I have been gluten free for a while but recently took dairy out so I am looking for recipes that the whole family can enjoy that are both. Thanks for the giveaway

  3. On December 6, 2012 Maria Oliveira said

    I’m planning a Christmas party for my 16 year old daughter and her friends (she’s allergic to gluten, dairy and eggs)… what’s most intriguing to me is the possibility of actually making cookies for the party that her friends and her would enjoy AND they are super healthy??? Sounds like a Christmas wish come true! 🙂

  4. On December 6, 2012 Theresia Winston said

    This book is great for those of us who can’t do the dairy or gluten and wish to have something to share that we can eat when going to potlucks. Being healthy makes it even better.

  5. On December 7, 2012 Dori said

    OH! This book is on my Christmas list too! Back in my pre-gluten days, I made a batch of cookies every week! It would be awesome to expand my repertoire. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. On December 7, 2012 Malakai said
  7. On December 7, 2012 Malakai said

    I liked both the facebook pages!

  8. On December 7, 2012 Malakai said

    This cookbook looks amazing! I am gluten,dairy and sugar free and finding good recipe can be tough. I love the idea of a cookie cookbook because I believe that even sweet treats can be made healthy! I would love to win this book.

  9. On December 7, 2012 Mindee said

    I am following you on Facebook!!

  10. On December 7, 2012 Mindee said

    I pinned your book on Pinterest!

  11. On December 7, 2012 Mindee said

    I am always looking for cookie recipes, especially around the holidays, that are gluten free and dairy free. It is great if you can make cookies that are good for you but that the “non-GF” people in your life like too. It’s a bonus! I would love to win this book!

  12. On December 7, 2012 Amy Caroline said

    With 8 kids I need this book! Trying to eat healthy and keep them interested is a challenge!

  13. On December 7, 2012 Amy Caroline said

    I like you on Facebook too!

  14. On December 7, 2012 Amy Caroline said

    And sharing on Facebook now.

  15. On December 7, 2012 Christine Brockett said

    Can’t believe I wasn’t already following you on FB, but now I am!

  16. On December 7, 2012 Christine Brockett said

    I’m very intrigued by this book! I’ve had enough of treats that may be allergen-free, but still unhealthy.

  17. On December 7, 2012 Candee Spence said

    Now following cook it allergy free on Facebook. Thanks for sharing. The book looks great. I love eating healthy cookies and feeding them to my family for a sweet treat!

  18. On December 7, 2012 Christine Brockett said

    And I have just heartily endorsed you on Facebook and shared the link to this book giveaway. Thanks!

  19. On December 7, 2012 Diana G said

    I am intrigued that these cookies are both gluten free and dairy free. Now I and my husband can both eat them.

  20. On December 7, 2012 Kimberly Smick said

    I follow both on Facebook!

  21. On December 7, 2012 Kimberly Smick said

    I am in need of allergen free cookie recipes so this would be the perfect way for me to be able to make cookies I can enjoy this Christmas!!

  22. On December 7, 2012 Kimberly Smick said

    Shared on Facebook!

  23. On December 7, 2012 Staci A said

    I’m intrigued by the fact that the recipes are all gf and df! I’d love to try them with my boys.

  24. On December 7, 2012 Staci A said

    I like your Fb page. Thanks!

  25. On December 7, 2012 helga said

    always looking to improve my gf baking skills….looks like a great book

  26. On December 7, 2012 helga said

    already ‘like’ your fb page!!!

  27. On December 7, 2012 Carrie said

    If these are truly healthy and not just allergen free then I would love to have this cookbook!

  28. On December 7, 2012 Marybeth said

    The thought of being able to give my children cookies on vacation guilt free sounds wonderful. My oldest is gluten intolerant, possibly celiac but we have not had it officially diagnosed. Winning this book would be spectacular.

    • On December 7, 2012 Marybeth said

      That was supposed to say “on occasion”, not vacation…. Silly speech to text…

  29. On December 7, 2012 Marybeth said

    I shared the post on my Facebook.

  30. On December 7, 2012 Marybeth said

    I follow cook it allergy free on Facebook.

  31. On December 7, 2012 Jodi said

    Healthy and cookie what could be better. This really interests me because healthy cookies make such great snacks and snacks are what I really struggle with.


  32. On December 7, 2012 Sharon Hedman said

    What intrigues me? Any cookbook that is allergen free intrigues me. I have dairy, egg, wheat and peanut allergies. I really need this cookbook.

  33. On December 7, 2012 Marsha said

    COOKIES! We all love cookies, so to have a cook book that is full of gluten free and healthy cookie recipes sounds like heaven.

  34. On December 7, 2012 Michele said

    I just started cooking and eating gluten free so I’m always looking for new recipes. I have been looking for cookie alternatives for Christmas, so I’m excited about this book. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  35. On December 7, 2012 Michele said

    I already follow you on FB and Twitter!

  36. On December 7, 2012 Michele said

    I just shared your link on FB! I also liked Daily Bites on FB!

  37. On December 7, 2012 robyn said

    I am always looking for healthy cookie recipes. We are gluten, dairy and sugar free. I’d love to see what’s inside this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. On December 7, 2012 robyn said

    I “like” Cook It Allergy Free and Daily Bites on FB

  39. On December 7, 2012 robyn said

    Shared on Facebook.

  40. On December 7, 2012 Laura said

    My family and I adore cookies so to have inspiration in the kitchen for more healthy cookies would be fabulous!

  41. On December 7, 2012 Kari said

    I love that the cookies are healthy, allergy-free, and that they are COOKIES! My boy loves cookies 🙂

  42. On December 7, 2012 Kari said

    I follow Cook It Allergy Free and Daily Bites on Facebook.

  43. On December 7, 2012 Kari said

    I shared post on Facebook.

  44. On December 7, 2012 Alicia said

    I have struggled with digestive issues my entire life, and have radically changed my diet for the last 4 years. I also just recently got married and luckily was blessed with a man who has been open to changing his diet radically as well. I would LOVE a copy of her cookbook to be able to make cookies for my sweet husband that we can both enjoy & feel good eating!

  45. On December 7, 2012 Alicia said

    Following both on Facebook now & pinned it 🙂

  46. On December 7, 2012 Julie said

    The thing that intrigues me about this book is that there are not many out there that are BOTH dairy and gluten free. It is nice to find one and one that looks healthy and good! I am also sharing this on FB and have liked your FB page. Looks amazing!

  47. On December 7, 2012 Beverly Kendrick said

    I would share the recipes in this book with others. I would recommend it to the lady who is in charge of the “Central Iowa Celiac Connection” to add to the library for people to check out.

    I would share it with my local librarian as a possibility for her to add to the library.

    I would use it for recipes to take and use for church Fellowship.

    If I had it before December 19, 2012, I would take to a chain grocery store when they have a gluten free party December 19, 2012 from 4:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. They have stores in at least 7 states. Hy-Vee is the name of the chain. I know three of their dietitians and two sort of. I get newsletters from two of the dietitians.

    I would let a friend know about it. Her daughter and son-in-law have decided to eat gluten free.

    I would check out the rules for the cooking section of the Iowa State Fair and if I could, I would make something for one or more of their contest.

    I hosted a gluten free fair. I want to do it again. I would share it there as well.

    I know a physical therapist who has some gluten free clients and her senior daughter has gluten free friends. they know I attend gluten free events and have asked me to get copies of recipes for them.

    One of the product convention for Gluten Free and Autism will be held here in the Des Moines area. I can check to see if I can display it there. People from all the surrounding states are invited to this event.

    I have told the Expo group from Madison, Wisconsin that I will help at their expos when I don’t have conflicts with the dates. They plan a Kid’s Expo in March.

    These are a few of the ways I can share the book.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Beverly Kendrick

  48. On December 7, 2012 Sara said

    I am intrigued by this cookbook because I am gluten and mostly dairy/sugar free & always experimenting with new baking, but cookies are my challenge!

  49. On December 7, 2012 jen said

    i would love to have this cookbook to use on a regular basis in our home. my son, now 18 months, was born with many allergies and we are working to heal his gut and his allergies. i’m new to being g/f and to baking/cooking allergen and gluten-free so i need all the help i can get! thank you sooooo much for the chance to win this.

  50. On December 7, 2012 jen said

    i happily follow you on Facebook!

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