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300 Healthy Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free Recipes? Oh YES!!

Nourishing Meals - Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes for the Whole Family

Nourishing Meals – Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes for the Whole Family:

A Whole Foods Cookbook and Guide to Raising Healthy Children including over 300 nourishing gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free recipes.

And guess what? I am giving away 3 copies of it. Why? Because this is THE cookbook and resource that perfectly captures everything I believe in regarding how I feed my family. And more than anything, I believe that everyone should have a copy of this one in their cookbook collection!

This book, written by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre, MS, CN, sets an absolute foundation for raising healthy, resilient children (and keeping ourselves that way in the process as well).

Nourishing Meals has a huge variety of recipes, from plant-based main dishes to nourishing grain-free desserts. No matter what your diets are, this book has something for everyone.

This cookbook truly is about Nutrition for the Whole Family. In it, you will discover “what nutrients are key for proper growth and development both in childhood and in utero, why going gluten-free can help solve mysterious health ailments, why removing processed foods from your diet and eating whole foods can benefit your health; as well as the causes behind the rise in food allergies and what to do about it.”

Our family has had so much fun cooking from this book. And I love the idea that everything that I make from it lends to raising healthy children…and adults!

Here are just some of the recipes we have made from Nourishing Meals and have loved in our house so far:

  • Blueberry Teff Muffins
  • Quinoa Currant Porridge
  • Pumpkin Pie Granola
  • Fruit And Avocado Bowls with Hempseeds
  • Black Bean and Potato Breakfast Burritos
  • Blueberry Peach Crisp
  • Berry Parfaits with Orange Cashew Cream
  • Pumpkin Pie with a Pecan Crust

So…if you are as eager to get your hands on a copy of this book as I was, then you will WANT to enter this giveaway! 😉


To enter to win a copy of Nourishing Meals, just simply do One, Two, or all Three of the following. Just leave A SEPARATE COMMENT for each thing that you do so that you can earn an entry for each.

1. Tell me what intrigues you about this book!

2. Follow Cook It Allergy Free on Facebook, or tell me if you already do.

3. Share this post with your friends on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or other social media and leave an additional comment saying you did so. Help spread the word about this great new cookbook! Everyone should own a copy of this one!

The contest will end on Wednesday, October 10th at PST. The winners will be announced then. You must be at least 18 years old to enter.

  1. On October 4, 2012 Amy said

    I am intrigued by this cookbook because my almost 11 month old son is allergic to wheat, corn, eggs, oats, barley, tomatoes, possibly rice and also no dairy. Since I am still nursing him, I am also avoiding these ingredients. My older son is allergic to tree nuts so we have a lot of challenges with food in our house! With a 1st birthday coming up, I’d love to find a special treat he can have in lieu of the standard cake. I also just need ideas for meals we can all eat so we don’t have to make a bunch of stuff for every meal.

  2. On October 4, 2012 Jasmine Smith said

    I’ve just started to examine my issues with food allergies, and this book looks like it would be awesome to help me!

  3. On October 4, 2012 Melissa said

    I liked on FB

  4. On October 4, 2012 Melissa said

    I recently started eating vegan, gluten, dairy and soy free. It is great to have a resource. I have such a hard time finding ideas. Everything has soy if it is vegan.

  5. On October 4, 2012 Melissa said

    i shared too on FB

  6. On October 4, 2012 Vanessa said

    I’m intrigued on how to make healthy recipes that taste good and that my 3 year old will eat 🙂

  7. On October 4, 2012 Vanessa said

    following on FB!

  8. On October 4, 2012 Kristin said

    GFDFSF is the way we roll in our kitchen, and like many people we’re in a bit of a rut. Participating in unprocessed october has led me to look for more recipes rather than always making the same old stuff, but I can always use some help!

  9. On October 4, 2012 Marcie said

    I love a chance to cook and eat more healthy, it keeps me out of my pattern of eating basically the same ingredients over and over, day after day…blah! This book will give me more chances to experience healthy and delicious foods!

  10. On October 4, 2012 Marcie said

    I now follow “Cook IT Allergy Free.” Did not know it existed!

  11. On October 4, 2012 Marcie said

    I have shared this page with friends on FB!

  12. On October 4, 2012 Tina Williams said

    I would truely love to share this book with my clients as well as my family !!! candida almost killed me once…god gave me the chance to teach all about being healthy …now I am trying to make that happen….Thank you !!!!

  13. On October 4, 2012 Lynne said

    I frequently say, “if I only knew then what I know now”. It is no different when it comes to food and nutrition. I have raised my 2 children cooking the way I was raised. As time went on, I blew up to 230+ pounds on a 5’4″ frame. Not good…Things happened and my world shifted to a mostly plant based diet, in which I was able to drop 70 lbs. I’ve come to learn that my body just doesn’t do well on gluten. I feel so different. I can’t say I’m ‘allergic’, but I can honestly say I’m ‘intolerant’. Therefore, I am always searching for good, nutritious, gluten-free recipes to add diversity in my meals, etc. Perhaps your book will add to my repertoire…thanx!

  14. On October 4, 2012 martine said

    I am intrigued to see if I could heal and get out of my wheelchair!

  15. On October 4, 2012 martine said

    I like you on Facebook

  16. On October 4, 2012 martine said

    I share this page on Facebook

  17. On October 4, 2012 Arleen said

    That Blueberry Peach Crisp sounds wonderful!

  18. On October 4, 2012 Jennifer said

    Liked it on FB.

  19. On October 4, 2012 Jennifer said

    My family is vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free and all I make is very simple foods, this cook-book would get me to do more interesting delicious fun meals. Plus my oldest son is a professional cook and I’d love to show him that the way we eat is yummy and fun too. I’m also a health coach and would love to recommend it to my clients.

  20. On October 4, 2012 Jennifer said

    I’m sharing on my professional FB page.

  21. On October 4, 2012 Cara said

    I’m intrigued by any book that will help me with meals that my whole family will enjoy, since that family is about to grow!

  22. On October 4, 2012 Cara said

    I follow you on Facebook.

  23. On October 4, 2012 Cara said

    Shared on FB too!

  24. On October 4, 2012 Kristin said

    I’m pregnant with twins, and I have a sensitivity to gluten, dairy (and recently, soy). I’ve been struggling with meal ideas throughout this pregnancy, and want so badly to put healthy meals on the table that are gluten, dairy & soy free, that taste great. I’d love to try your recipes! I had no idea there is someone out there with recipes within these parameters-I’ve just been modifying what I can, using mostly almonds and coconut as a flour-and grains to substitute the rest.

  25. On October 4, 2012 Fannie Smith said

    I am dying to get my hands on this book. I use their first book as a bible. Pages are falling out and stained from so much loved use!
    I have shared this contest through twitter and facebook too and have liked your Facebook page.

  26. On October 4, 2012 Emerald said

    Look forward to trying your recipes! I am going to checkout your app!

  27. On October 4, 2012 erin said

    Thanks! I’d love to win. Allergies abound in this household, and the author’s first book helped us thru the whole elimination diet thing. Very grateful for their books!

  28. On October 4, 2012 Jenn's Adventures said

    I’m always intrigued with cook books let alone the ones that streamline my dietary needs! I’m a strict raw/plant-based foodie, as well as soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free! Always looking for new recipes to try:)

  29. On October 4, 2012 Jenn's Adventures said

    I “like” on facebook:)

  30. On October 4, 2012 Denise said

    Our daughter has some food allergies and we have enjoyed using allergy-free and alternative recipes from the first Whole Life Nutrition cookbood. I look forward to enjoying more…

  31. On October 4, 2012 Denise said

    I also ‘liked’ your page on facebook, so I look forward to receiving your recipes and information as well 🙂

  32. On October 4, 2012 Angela said

    I would love to win this book!

  33. On October 4, 2012 Amie said

    Their recipes are so creative and inspiring! Would love to have a copy on hand.

  34. On October 4, 2012 Jodi said

    I’m just discovering that I may have more food allergies than I would have thought. I’ve been hearing a lot about the inflammation it may be causing in my GI system. Very interested in learning new recipes.

  35. On October 4, 2012 Kimberly Smick said

    I am gluten, soy and dairy free due to celiac disease and allergies. Always looking for new recipe ideas for my family!

  36. On October 4, 2012 Stefanie said

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a copy of your book. What I like most is the recipes are gluten,dairy and soy free (seems so many people use dairy & soy ) not to mention the educational nutrition portion (which would be great to help explain to my daughter why we eat the way we do)

  37. On October 4, 2012 Kimberly Smick said

    I follow you on Facebook!

  38. On October 4, 2012 Kimberly Smick said

    I shared on Facebook!

  39. On October 4, 2012 Stefanie said

    I already follow you on FB : )

  40. On October 4, 2012 Stefanie said

    I spread the word on FB : )

  41. On October 4, 2012 Stacy said

    I am interested in this book because of all the things I have read about gluten lately and how it seems to be affecting more and more people in a negative way.

  42. On October 4, 2012 Stacy said

    I follow you on facebook

  43. On October 4, 2012 Stacy said

    I shared it on facebook

  44. On October 4, 2012 Debra said

    I am intrigued by this book because my 17 yo son, who has a diagnosis of Autism, has been gluten and dairy free for several years. We both know that when he eats dairy, he has physical symptoms, so he’s motivated to stay away from dairy. The challenge comes from keeping him gluten free as the benefits are cognitive and behavioral, which are obvious to me, but less so to him. He frequently challenges me on the gluten free front but when I can provide delicious gluten and dairy free options, he is less likely to complain. I need all the help I can get to keep him healthy and functioning at his best!

  45. On October 4, 2012 Debra said

    I follow you on facebook!

  46. On October 4, 2012 Debra said

    I shared this post on facebook!

  47. On October 4, 2012 Kristi N said

    I like you on FB!

  48. On October 4, 2012 Kristi N said

    Intrigued by this book because so many people have recommended their first book to me! I need all the help I can get when it comes to cooking for allergies and good health!

  49. On October 4, 2012 Susan said

    I have Ally and Tom’s first book which I love and in eagerly anticipating their new book. A few years ago, I had health problems. Traditional medicine were unable to diagnose my problem and I got progressively worse. I began to do my own research and suspected gluten and/or other food sensitivies.

    Reading the book and following their elimination diet and recipes was life changing. These recipes are great tasting and it still amazing how Ally was able to adapt the recipes. It was also a relief to know that there was a community of people facing similiar issues and the supportive environment that this large community fosters..

  50. On October 4, 2012 Susan said

    Liked on Facebook

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