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300 Healthy Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free Recipes? Oh YES!!

Nourishing Meals - Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes for the Whole Family

Nourishing Meals – Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes for the Whole Family:

A Whole Foods Cookbook and Guide to Raising Healthy Children including over 300 nourishing gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free recipes.

And guess what? I am giving away 3 copies of it. Why? Because this is THE cookbook and resource that perfectly captures everything I believe in regarding how I feed my family. And more than anything, I believe that everyone should have a copy of this one in their cookbook collection!

This book, written by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre, MS, CN, sets an absolute foundation for raising healthy, resilient children (and keeping ourselves that way in the process as well).

Nourishing Meals has a huge variety of recipes, from plant-based main dishes to nourishing grain-free desserts. No matter what your diets are, this book has something for everyone.

This cookbook truly is about Nutrition for the Whole Family. In it, you will discover “what nutrients are key for proper growth and development both in childhood and in utero, why going gluten-free can help solve mysterious health ailments, why removing processed foods from your diet and eating whole foods can benefit your health; as well as the causes behind the rise in food allergies and what to do about it.”

Our family has had so much fun cooking from this book. And I love the idea that everything that I make from it lends to raising healthy children…and adults!

Here are just some of the recipes we have made from Nourishing Meals and have loved in our house so far:

  • Blueberry Teff Muffins
  • Quinoa Currant Porridge
  • Pumpkin Pie Granola
  • Fruit And Avocado Bowls with Hempseeds
  • Black Bean and Potato Breakfast Burritos
  • Blueberry Peach Crisp
  • Berry Parfaits with Orange Cashew Cream
  • Pumpkin Pie with a Pecan Crust

So…if you are as eager to get your hands on a copy of this book as I was, then you will WANT to enter this giveaway! ;)


To enter to win a copy of Nourishing Meals, just simply do One, Two, or all Three of the following. Just leave A SEPARATE COMMENT for each thing that you do so that you can earn an entry for each.

1. Tell me what intrigues you about this book!

2. Follow Cook It Allergy Free on Facebook, or tell me if you already do.

3. Share this post with your friends on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or other social media and leave an additional comment saying you did so. Help spread the word about this great new cookbook! Everyone should own a copy of this one!

The contest will end on Wednesday, October 10th at PST. The winners will be announced then. You must be at least 18 years old to enter.

  1. On October 3, 2012 Diana said

    I suffer from gluten and lactose intolerance. However I am the only person in my family that does. And as the main cook, it’d be great to discover more meals that would please and suit everyone instead of cooking 2 separate things a lot of the times.

  2. On October 3, 2012 Mari said

    What intrigues me about the book? Everything. Since going gluten free I’ve gotten into a rut and need to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I want to start using more than basic flours, more whole grains. I recently subscribed to their blog, but I haven’t tried any of the recipes I’ve bookmarked. This book looks and sounds wonderful.

  3. On October 3, 2012 Emily said

    You KNOW how much I want this book, Kim! I want to do their elimination diet again and this would totally help (plus some of my current favorite recipes are from their blog already). Not to mention these are things I already avoid and have a hard time finding healthy (low starch) cook/baking books that have these 3 already omitted.

    Hope to see you soon!

  4. On October 3, 2012 Jessica said

    Everything about this book intrigues me! I’ve been following Whole Life Nutrition since first going gluten and dairy free two years ago and now I am also refined sugar free. Their recipes have been reliable, healthy and tasty. I adore them and have this book on my wish list. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. On October 3, 2012 Emily said

    Already follow you on facebook!

  6. On October 3, 2012 Jessica said

    I already follow you on Facebook. Thanks!

  7. On October 3, 2012 Emily said

    I have shared this on my facebook

  8. On October 3, 2012 Elizabeth Creasman said

    What intrigues me is that I follow all of these dietary guidelines and it would be WONDERFUL to have a book that incorporates all of my restrictions with healthy choices in ONE book! How exciting! I’m looking forward to learning more about “Nourishing Meals!”

  9. On October 3, 2012 Karin Goodman said

    Would love healthier Gluten Free Recepies. So many are heavy on the starches and carbs. I am typle I Diabetic and Celiac.

  10. On October 3, 2012 Karin Goodman said

    More Gluten Free Recipes would be wonderful and more healthy ones!!

  11. On October 3, 2012 Leslie Alcock said

    I am really trying to learn how to cook, gluten and dairy free. My daughter has extreme dairy allergies and I am newly gluten free. I would love to learn how to make meals that we can both enjoy, and that still taste good!!

  12. On October 3, 2012 Stephanie Kays said

    I am intrigued by this cookbook because one of my childhood, life-long friends has major issues with food and this seems to be the route she is taking and I’d love to learn more recipes to share with her. As a fitness fool, I am always trying to keep up with healthy alternatives for everyone to share, no matter what they have going on in their life so there are no excuses to not eat healthy and live a well life.

  13. On October 3, 2012 Stephanie Kays said

    I already like you on facebook and follow you!

  14. On October 3, 2012 April said

    The fact that it is allergy free but based on wholesome cooking. Gluten free recipes that are free of added starches are a treasure…

  15. On October 3, 2012 April said

    I already followed them :)

  16. On October 3, 2012 April said


  17. On October 3, 2012 Stephanie Kays said

    I shared your link to your page and about this give-away on my fitness page on facebook. I get questions all the time about how to make recipes gluten free, dairy free and so on. This would be a great help to them and myself to offer suggestions. I followed a Vegan diet for a whole month to prove that it really wasn’t that difficult and possible to eat well while hitting necessary macros for being in the fitness world.

  18. On October 3, 2012 Diana G said

    I am gluten intolerant and my husband is lactose intolerant. Also, with my thyroid problems, I should avoid soy. This covers everything we need to avoid in the house. Perfect for us.

  19. On October 3, 2012 Johanna B said

    I already like/follow you on FB and have for a very long time.

  20. On October 3, 2012 Johanna B said

    What I find intriguing is the knowlege that having a copy of your book for my very own means I won’t have to wait until I have computer access to check out your recipes. I don’t have my own computer and use one in the library where I work.

  21. On October 3, 2012 Cherie said

    Three Hundred recipes???!!! Holy cow! That sounds fabulous!

  22. On October 3, 2012 Cherie said

    Follow you on FB personally and on my own FB page. :)

  23. On October 3, 2012 noreen said

    I am inspired!!! What a fab looking cookbook!

  24. On October 3, 2012 noreen said

    I liked you on fb and shared it!

  25. On October 3, 2012 sue skoff said

    i follow you on facebook i also shared you with all my friends

  26. On October 3, 2012 Katerina said

    I suffer from histamine and gluten intolerance. It means I need to stay away from gluten, dairy, yeast, tomatoes, spinach, soy and all fermented food or processed food. And a bit more. All high histamine meals are forbidden and the only way to stay symptom-free is to cook for myself every day. The good thing is I just love cooking and proving my friends that allergen-free food can be tasty as well. I am a scholar from Europe and I will never have chance to get these amazing books once back home not talking about all super ingredients you have here and I would love to try. This is why I would be happy to have one copy while I am here and to share my experience with my friends and family.

    I have already liked you FB page and shared with my friends on FB and as well pint it:)))

  27. On October 3, 2012 Lori Hogan said

    I “Like” Cook It Allergy Free on Facebook!

  28. On October 3, 2012 Lori Hogan said

    I am intrigued by the cookbook because it appears to be full of recipes that are exactly how we eat!!! And the Blueberry Teff Muffins you mention are very intriguing. We love teff, and it is rare to see a recipe that includes it without changing it to make it your own.

  29. On October 3, 2012 Lori Hogan said

    I shared this contest on my facebook page!

  30. On October 3, 2012 Crystal S said

    The gluten-free aspect of this book is intriguing for me! I’ve been a vegan for quite a while now but have just recently been dabbling into the gluten-free recipes. It’s hard!!

  31. On October 3, 2012 Crystal S said

    I liked Cook It Allergy Free on FB!!

  32. On October 3, 2012 Claudia Marcelino said

    I am a follower from Brazil and a mom of a 21 autistic boy.
    A healthy and nourish diet made a huge difference in our lives.
    Because of this, I spread a nourishing diet free of gluten, casein, soy and many others things to all my country and to others in portuguese language.
    I have many books, but this one I don’t :)
    I shared with my friends on FB.

  33. On October 3, 2012 Claudia Marcelino said

    I also follow this blog by e-mail and on FB :)

  34. On October 3, 2012 Victoria Fox said

    Not only is it gluten free…it is dairy free.

  35. On October 3, 2012 Debbie said

    I am gluten free and could really use some new, fun recipes! Thanks!!

  36. On October 3, 2012 Sara Crain said

    I am following you on Facebook and interested and I’m excited to read your book because I have a gluten intolerance and finding gluten free food that tastes good is extremely hard for me and the recipes in your book sound amazing.

  37. On October 3, 2012 Lori Raymond said

    This cook book includes more that just gluten intolerance. My son has several allergies and it is difficult to find food that will be safe and that he will enjoy. I now follow on facebook.

  38. On October 3, 2012 Carolyn said

    I love your blueberry peach crisp recipe!

  39. On October 3, 2012 Carolyn said

    I follow you on Facebook.

  40. On October 3, 2012 Jennifer said

    I am liking your page on FB – can’t wait to see what updates/recipes you have to help me with dairy free and gluten free recipes for my kiddos!

  41. On October 3, 2012 Joan S. said

    What intrigues me is the ability to cook good tasting food while cutting out foods that cause allergies/health problems. I’m just learning so this would be a great resource!

  42. On October 3, 2012 Joan S. said

    I’m already a fan on Facebook!

  43. On October 3, 2012 Joan S. said

    I shared this on Facebook.

  44. On October 3, 2012 Kris said

    My son is gluten, dairy, soy & corn free and I ALWAYS need inspiration! I already follow you on Facebook and I’m happy to share this with my community. thanks!

  45. On October 3, 2012 Bec said

    I have fructose malabsorption and as a result suffer from IBS….I find it really hard to make yummy meals that suit my needs as well as making something that my partner actually wants to eat too!

  46. On October 3, 2012 Pam said

    Due to my daughter having cancer it is very important to provide the most nourishing meals possible. We are gluten, sugar and dairy free. I think this book will help to provide us with better recipes rather than the same old, same old.

  47. On October 3, 2012 Bec said

    About to follow you on Facebook now!

  48. On October 3, 2012 Constance said

    I’m intrigued by this book because my hubby is lactose intolerant.
    Additionally, his classmate is gluten intolerant, and we’ve been investigating ways of changing our diet to incorporate more GF foods that we can share with his whole class.

    A young boy in our church was recently diagnosed with Autism, and the family has been advised that a GF diet would be beneficial to him. I’d love to be able to share this information with them.

  49. On October 3, 2012 Kate said

    I follow their Whole Life Nutrition blog. It is a great resource and has been an incredible inspiration for cooking and becoming healthier on a very small budget. Their cookbook would be awesome to win, especially since not all of her recipes are included on the website. The author is always alluding to some delicious sounding recipe that can only be found in this book. Thanks!

  50. On October 3, 2012 Kate said

    I follow you on facebook!

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