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Easy Cinnamon Bun Muffins from Elana’s Pantry Plus Giveaway!

Gluten-free Grain-free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Update: Contest has ended and winner has been announced here!

Have you tried cooking with almond flour yet?  Well, if you do not have a Tree Nut Allergy, then you must give it a go. Really. It will change the way you bake…forever.

It is as easy to use as wheat flour, without having to worry about the balancing act/science experiments usually involved with more complex combinations of gluten-free flours.

And, as written by Elana Amsterdam, author of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook and her soon-to-be-released cookbook Gluten-Free Cupcakes, not only is almond flour gluten-free and grain-free, it also “is a highly nutritious superfood that is low-carb and rich in vitamins, minerals, and ‘good’ fats. Almond flour is not only the healthiest flour around, it is also higher in protein and far richer in nutrients than wheat flour and its gluten-free counterparts.”

What a perfect contribution to those New Year’s intentions you set. To eat healthier. To focus on real food. To cut back on your simple carbohydrates.

You did make those, right?

It is safe to say that Elana Amsterdam, also author of the wildly successful and popular blog Elana’s Pantry, has revolutionized the trend of using almond flour in baking and everyday cooking.  She has created literally hundreds of recipes using this sweet, rich, buttery, superfood of a flour.  And each one that I have tried to date? Delicious. Simply Written. Easy to follow.  My kind of cooking.

What originally drew me to her cookbook and to her blog were these concisely written recipes. I love using recipes written in this way. I just wish I could master that art in my own recipe writing. Alas, that skill will take some practice on my end. But Elana? She is a pro.

The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

To date, I have made many of her recipes. Her chocolate chip cookies have been baking in my oven too many times to count. Her scones? Cinnamon Bun Muffins? Banana Blueberry Muffins? Bran Muffins? Kale chips?

They have all graced my oven. And all have been met with rave reviews from my little gaggle of kitchen critics here.

Gluten-Free Blueberry Banana Muffins

Elana's Banana Blueberry Muffins: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free

Gluten-Free Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are AMAZING! Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Why am I sharing all of this with you, my diligent and wonderful readers? Because I like you. Because I want you to realize the wonders of cooking with almond flour. And because I am giving away a copy of Elana’s cookbook today.

In order to enter for the chance to win, just leave a comment below telling me if you have ever cooked with Almond Flour.

If you leave a separate comment telling me you have followed Cook It Allergy Free on Facebook, I will even give you a second chance to win.

Follow Elana’s Pantry on Facebook and you get yourself one more entry.

And now, because I love this recipe, and because Elana said I could share it with you today, I am going to leave you with these wonderful muffins.

Cinnamon Bun Muffins:

Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free

As written by Elana Amsterdam



2 tbsp agave nectar
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp
grapeseed oil


1.  To make cinnamon topping, combine agave, cinnamon and oil in a small bowl

2.  Set mixture aside.



1 cup blanched almond flour
2 tbsp
coconut flour
½ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp
celtic sea salt
¼ cup grapeseed oil
¼ cup agave nectar
3 eggs
1 tbsp
vanilla extract


1. Combine almond flour, coconut flour, baking soda and salt in a medium bowl

2. In a large bowl blend together oil, agave, eggs and vanilla

3. Blend dry ingredients into wet and scoop a scant ¼ cup at a time into lined muffin cups

4. Spoon topping onto muffins

5. Bake muffins for 8-12 minutes at 350°

6. Cool muffins for 2 hours then frost with Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting

Makes 9 muffins

So go ahead and enter to win this amazing cookbook RIGHT NOW. I will be doing a giveaway of  her new cookbook, Gluten-Free Cupcakes, once it is released. I will also be doing a series of giveaways each Thursday between now and the end of February of each of my favorite Gluten-Free and Allergen-Friendly cookbook authors.  So check back each Thursday for the announcement of the winners from the previous week and for the newest giveaway!

  1. On January 6, 2011 Neveen said

    I love Elana’s recipes! Her Mexican chocolate ice cream is an absolute favorite around our house. Let’s just say we bought an ice cream machine just to make it. I would love to play around with recipes in this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. On January 6, 2011 Neveen said

    I just read one of the requirements for entering is to say whether you’ve baked with almond flour or not. Whoops. I haven’t used almond flour before but I have an unopened bag in my kitchen itching to be use. Thanks!

  3. On January 6, 2011 AndreAnna said

    Of course, I already have it but I have to chime in and say that Elana has most definitely made the transition to a grain-free gluten-free life a piece of cake, quite literally.

    And now, I’m off to make muffins. The extra jiggle in my wiggle blames you. 😉

  4. On January 6, 2011 Kathy said

    I have tried a few of her recipes and wow!! Yummy. I’m new to gluten free cooking/baking but her recipes and the recipes I’ve tried from cook it allergy free have been great. My kids love the meatloaf cups.

  5. On January 6, 2011 Anne B said

    I have not tried almond flour yet, but I have wanted to. I have recently gone gluten-free so I am still trying to figure all this out!

  6. On January 6, 2011 carrie @ gingerlemon said

    You don’t need to enter me into the giveaway as I already have a dog-eared & lovingly stained copy of her book on my kitchen counter right now! Those cinnamon bun muffins are my FAVORITE! I always make them for company! I love them as many muffins!

  7. On January 6, 2011 Hallie @ Daily Bites said

    Believe it or not, after all this time of eating gluten-free I don’t have a copy of Elana’s book yet. I’ve made dozens of her blog recipes and frequently check out her book from the library…but I’d love my own copy! She rocks. :)

  8. On January 6, 2011 Hallie @ Daily Bites said

    I follow Elana’s Pantry on Facebook.

  9. On January 6, 2011 Hallie @ Daily Bites said

    I’m now following Cook It Allergy Free on Facebook, too. Can’t believe I wasn’t doing that already! I’m finally getting my act together with all the social media stuff… :)

  10. On January 6, 2011 Teresa said

    No.. I haven’t tried it yet..but would love to! :) Thanks for this opportunity!

  11. On January 6, 2011 Teresa said

    I follow you on facebook! :)

  12. On January 6, 2011 Teresa said

    Just signed up to follow Elana’s Pantry on facebook! :)

  13. On January 6, 2011 brooke @B & the boy! said

    I am making these muffins tomorrow, while I wait for my copy to come in the mail! :)

  14. On January 6, 2011 jodi said

    Have never tried cooking with almond flour, recently discovered my 3yr old has multiple food allergies & anaphalaxis to eggs so still researching recipes,ingredients,etc & as peanuts are 1 of his strongest allergies don’t no if i’ll be trying almond flour.

  15. On January 6, 2011 Johanna B said

    Her first cookbook is amazing. Can’t wait to check out the new one. Those muffins sound wonderful.

  16. On January 6, 2011 Tracy said

    I haven’t baked with Almond Flour yet or even grapeseed oil. I know I can find Almond Flour here but I’ll have to keep an eye out for grapeseed oil. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the giveaway. I would love to receive her new book.

  17. On January 6, 2011 Tracy said

    I follow Cook It Allergy free on Facebook :)

  18. On January 6, 2011 Tracy said

    I also follow Elana’s Pantry on facebook :)

  19. On January 6, 2011 Nicole Thomas said

    I bake with almond flour so much I buy it by the 20-lb. bag! Aside from coconut flour, it’s all I use. Elana’s recipes are great. I’ve made her pumpkin pie muffins so many times, I know the recipe by memory.

  20. On January 6, 2011 Sharon said

    No I haven’t tried Almond flour..really I haven’t seen it in our stores but now
    I will be looking for it so I can try this recipe out! I follow both Cook it Allergy free & Elana’s Pantry on facebook :) and love cookbooks too!

  21. On January 6, 2011 Suzanne Eddleman said

    Well written! You make me want to go to the store right now and buy almond flour :) I haven’t tried it before, and am afraid I may have been missing something really good all this time.

  22. On January 6, 2011 Janet said

    I’ve only used the Bob’s Red Mill almond flour to make a streusel topping. I’ve read enough to know that Bob’s isn’t a very good source of almond flour. So far, none of the local stores seems to carry anything but that. It looks like I’ll have to go to the web in order to get a type of almond flour that has the qualities needed for serious baking.

  23. On January 6, 2011 Janet said

    I follow Cook It Allergy free on Facebook

  24. On January 6, 2011 Trista said

    Thanks for sharing! I will definently have to make a stop by Elana’s blog and check out some more of those recipes. If I’m going to have somelike like a muffin or a cookie, it just seems healthier if it has protein and fiber instead of just carbs.

  25. On January 6, 2011 Zoe said

    You know I have baked with almond flour! Years, in fact, when my family made the switch to SCD. I borrowed a copy of Elana’s cookbook from the library (that is the copy I showed on my blog when I made a cupcakes version of the chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting) but it would be great to own a copy.

  26. On January 6, 2011 Janet said

    I follow Elana’s Pantry on facebook

  27. On January 6, 2011 Tia said

    Don’t enter me in the giveaway, since I also have her cookbook. Anxiously awaiting the next one. And, you know I love the almond flour. Need to order more. Went through my 10 pounds last month. Just wanted to say, “hi.” Because we don’t talk very much on the internet. 😉 And, I already follow you and Elana.


  28. On January 6, 2011 Ellen said

    yes, i love cooking with almond flour! i feel best (by far) when i eat grain and sugar free. i tend to wing my recipes based on what i have and some guidelines on the internet, but it would be nice to get a cookbook with more recipes.

  29. On January 6, 2011 InTolerantChef said

    I only use almond flour in an orange cake, but it makes it moist and sweet. I’d love to see how versatile it can be in other things.

  30. On January 7, 2011 Deb Steel said

    I LOVE baking with almond flour!!! So glad we don’t have any allergies here….yet! The texture is perfect for the muffins, quick loaves, cookies, and I even throw some in with our sandwich bread recipes….YUM!

  31. On January 7, 2011 Deb Steel said

    Yes, I follow Elana’s Pantry on FB…..I can’t find her book at the store, so would love to get a copy!! Thanks!

  32. On January 7, 2011 Deb Steel said

    I enjoy following Cook it Allergy free on FB, too! It’s an easy way to browse for some new and interesting recipes….it’s great that you are experimenting more with almond flour, Kim! Wahooooo!! Thanks a bunch<3

  33. On January 7, 2011 Giuliana said

    I follow Elana’s Pantry on FB and just added Cook It Allergy Free 😀

    I LOVE cooking with almond flour and recently made Elana’s Orange Almond Torte for a dinner party to dip with coconut milk chocolate fondue. Everyone loved it!

  34. On January 7, 2011 Lori said

    I would love to baking with Almond flour. Can’t wait to get my hands on this cookbook!!

  35. On January 7, 2011 Lori said

    I follow Elana’s Pantry on facebook

  36. On January 7, 2011 Jill said

    I haven’t tried using almond flour yet. I would really like to try it though….it seems more nutritious than the rice flour combo I usually use.

  37. On January 7, 2011 cindy said

    I have cooked with almond flour. I have made Elana’s Chocolate chip cookies with it and they are delicious.

  38. On January 7, 2011 cindy said

    I liked you on facebook

  39. On January 7, 2011 cindy said

    I liked Elana’s Pantry on facebook also

  40. On January 7, 2011 Elisabeth said

    I LOVE Elana’s almond flour recipes! They are definitely the the best wheat alternative recipes out there.

  41. On January 7, 2011 Tia said

    I’d love to try this recipe, but is there something I can use in place of coconut flour? I have so many different flours already; I’m running out of room in my pantry! Thanks, Tia

  42. On January 7, 2011 Deanna said

    I use almond flour all the time. In fact, I’ve attempted to do a vegan version of the cinnamon bun recipe you posted. (It didn’t go so well on my first try.) :)

    I’d love a copy of Elena’s cookbook!

  43. On January 7, 2011 Allyson said

    I’ve only recently become aware of the benefits to using almond flour and haven’t yet experimented with it yet. However, this year my goal is go as grain free as possible so I will certainly be trying almond flour very soon! These muffins look delicious and like an amazing way to start trying!

  44. On January 7, 2011 Allyson said

    I liked you on facebook and can’t wait to start enjoying your wonderful hard work! Thank you for working so hard for all of out there who benefit from it!

  45. On January 7, 2011 Allyson said

    I liked Elana’s Pantry as well.

  46. On January 7, 2011 Noelle said

    I have made Spunky Coconut’s Thumbprint cookies using almond flour. SO delicious!

  47. On January 7, 2011 Noelle said

    I already like Cook IT allergy free on Facebook!

  48. On January 7, 2011 Noelle said

    I like Elana’s Pantry on Facebook!

  49. On January 7, 2011 Marsha A said

    I have used almond flour and absolutely love it. Elana has some great recipes.

  50. On January 7, 2011 Marsha A said

    I like Elana’s Pantry on facebook.

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